Thursday, June 30, 2011

Quiet Moments With God -- The Compass

Have you ever been lost? I mean physically lost, like in the woods or while you've been wandering around a new city? Without a guide or a map, how did you know which way to turn? There is no way to know--we guess. And guessing sometimes gets us more lost than ever and sometimes into deep trouble.

Every day we make choices, thinking we know the way except we don't. Decisions are part of life. Some are inconsequential and others are of great importance. An imperative choice -- choose the truth or the lie. It's not an easy decision. The lies of this world are insidious. The enemy is crafty. And if we're not careful we may find ourselves captured within a sphere of bad choices with devastating consequences.

With so much at stake, how do we choose?

What is truth? Think about it for a moment. Do you have the answer? If not, how does it feel to be lost when you didn't even know you were?

Truth is reality as viewed by God.

We're not God and in a culture filled with lies we carelessly exchange the truth of God for a lie. When we find ourselves in a quagmire there is a way out. Reach for it.

The truth lies in The Word of God. Abide in Him and in His Word and faith will overcome feelings. Feelings mislead. Hang onto The One who is truth and find peace in knowing that He will not lead you astray.

The bottom line is it's up to us. We choose whether or not to dwell in the presence of The Almighty . . . or not.

Know truth because what we believe is real affects how we react and feel. Have you believed the lies of the world? I have and I've paid consequences for poor choices.

Truth or the lie. How will you choose?

Grace and peace to you from God.

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