Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Topic Of The Day-- At A Dead Stop?

While going through some of the photos recently taken while on a trip to Seattle I came across one I took while stuck in a traffic jam. It reminded me of my life.

We'd been zipping along on the freeway when all of a sudden we were forced to a stop, surrounded by cars on every side. The freeway had functioned perfectly until it reached a certain threshold of numbers -- too many cars had created a log jam of vehicles.

Sometimes life is like that. We are moving along just fine until we pile on too many obligations or allow others to overload our lives with responsibilities. Have you experienced that place where you feel as if you're stooped beneath the weight of those obligations?

I have. And when it happens it's as if I'm stuck in traffic. I'm not making headway. My work isn't getting done, there's no energy for family or for fun and not even for God. Burn out can be more destructive than we realize. We believe it's only for a time, but sometimes we are unable to climb out of the weariness, the malaise.

The holidays are right in front of us. They contain the perfect recipe for burn out. Before we ruin our favorite time of year by over extending ourselves let's take stock of what really matters. Do what we want, not what's expected. And decide what really matters to us. The rest needs to be left to another time . . . or maybe never.

The house doesn't have to be spotless. Our tables don't need to look like something we've see in Good Housekeeping and we don't have to attend every outreach program or party we're invited to. Say no and find the joy in the season. Remember why we celebrate.

May you all have a holiday season filled with love, joy and peace.

Grace and peace to you,



  1. Wise words. Thanks.

    I especially like the permission not to have a spotless home. Mine never is.

    Grandma Tea

  2. So glad to know there's another grandma out there who does not have a spotless house. : - )

    Hope your Thanksgiving is especially precious.

  3. Wonderful wisdom, Bonnie. Very nice!

  4. Joyce, wisdom comes from the Lord . . . praying that what I have to share is of Him.

    Special blessings to you.

  5. Bonnie, hope y'all have a very cool holiday season!

    can you belive that some one could get shot over a cheap TV. or toy

  6. Jel, thank you for your kind wishes -- This week the flu has kept me down all week, but I think I might feel a rally coming on. : -)

    And, yep, we live in a crazy world. So thankful we're just passing through. Pray we leave a lasting and positive imprint along the way.


  7. sorry ya had the Flu, hope ya are feeling better.

  8. Thanks, Jel. I'm better today. Thinking I'm on the mend.