Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quiet Moments With God -- The Climb

Recently . . . or perhaps not just recently, but for years, life has felt like a mountain that must be climbed. Sometimes I've climbed well, but other times I've lost site of the summit and returned to base camp, feeling defeated.

The past few months I've been attempting another climb and I haven't done exactly well. There has been so much to contend with, but isn't that
life . . . really. We all have our joys and jubilations, but much of life is about the daily grind and hardship. While we're in the midst of the grind, we sometimes lose sight of the summit. We lose sight of the Father.

The light that illuminates our path comes from the Lord. If we will seek him, He will show us the way. The hitch comes when God's call isn't what we had imagined it would be. When we find ourselves in such a place, and take our eyes off our Lord, we may find ourselves slogging through the mire of uncertainty and despair, and believing life is too hard.

It's hard, all right. But it can be done. And done well. One day at a time. Perhaps one minute at a time. The One who loves us more than we can even think or imagine will not let us down. He'll reach for our hand and help us make our ascent.

We owe Him our lives. When I read from my devotional this morning the words lifted me out of the grind and set me in a higher place where I could see beauty and know there is hope, always hope. I was reminded of my calling, which is much more than what can be seen by human eyes.

From Streams in the Desert.

Is there some desert, or some boundless sea,
Where you, great God of angels, will send me?
Some oak for me to rend,
Some sod for me to break,
Some handful of your corn to take,
And scatter far afield,
Till it in turn will yield
Its hundredfold
Of grains of gold
To feed the happy children of my God?
Show me the desert, Father, or the sea;
Is it your enterprise? Great God send me!
And though this body lies where ocean rolls,
Father, count me among all faithful souls.

Can you see it? Your hand lifted in jubilation and your shout, SEND ME! 

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Thanks for the uplifting post! God bless.

  2. "Like" And love you, dear writer friend. xo :)

  3. TC, thanks. And I pray God will bless you.

    Enjoy the climb. It's an adventure.

  4. Dear Miriam,

    It has been too long. I miss you. I pray all is well with you and your family.