Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Books & Writing -- Meet Laura Frantz

Laura is a lover of history and the author of The Frontiersman's Daughter, Courting Morrow Little, and The Colonel's Lady, and currently lives in the misty woods of Washington with her husband and two sons.

I had the pleasure of joining Laura in Oregon and Washington last summer for two booksignings. What a gracious lady. I'm thrilled to include her here on Books & Writing. 

Laura, you've recently had a new book release, Love's Reckoning, which is the first in a new series. What a gorgeous cover! Can you tell us how you came up with the idea for the story and why this place and time period?

1.      I've always had a love for the 18th century, so it was a good place to begin. My editor actually suggested I write a generational family series set in Pennsylvania. At the time this sounded too daunting as I'd only written standalones, but after much prayer and thought, I moved ahead. I'd come across a bit of research about the old tradition of an apprentice marrying into the master's family. I thought there might be some historical fireworks if the apprentice had to choose between two daughters. The beautiful cover was the icing on the cake. J

           It sounds fascinating. If it's anything like your 
previous books, I know I'm going to love it. 
I can't wait to dive into the story. 

     What do you hope readers will take away with them when they read the final page and put down the book?

      My hope is that readers, through the story, will experience for themselves the depths of the Lord's forgiveness and restoration power. He not only heals our hurting hearts and wrong turns but restores those lost years in ways we cannot imagine. No sin or circumstance is beyond His power.

What a powerful message.

Can you tell us what your writing day/week looks like?

Usually I get up early, about 5 am or so, go to the pool and then come home and enjoy reader mail or blog comments, visit Facebook and Pinterest. I like to write in the mornings best and then take a quick lunch and finish up by the time my boys come home from school around 3 pm. Then it's time to cook supper, do laundry, etc. I try not to work in the evenings but sometimes I can't stand to be away from the story. Thankfully, I write my manuscripts by longhand so don't have my head stuck in a laptop all the time. J 

I'm envious of your disciplined schedule.

I've only met one other writer who creates their 
first drafts longhand. I can't imagine. But I do understand about 
all the time writers spend on their laptops. 
Sometimes I don't even want to look at my computer.

Do you have a favorite scene in Love's Reckoning? Can you share some of it with us and tell us why it's your favorite?

Oh my! That's a little like asking for a favorite Bible verse. But I'll try. In Love's Reckoning, it would be the scene when Silas and Eden meet up again in that very heated, July ballroom eight years after parting company. neither expect the other to be there and voila!

What do you like most about writing and what do you like the least? Do you have any advice for your fellow authors?

I love the first draft best, even unpolished. it's akin to falling in love for the first time, at least for me. I'm always amazed at where the story takes me. I get giddy just thinking about it!

To be honest, I detest social networking and marketing. Once I had a job as a telemarketer and lasted two days. Promoting myself and my books is very painful to me. I'd much rather talk about what you're doing. Maybe it's the southern girl in  me. I was raised in a culture of humility and graciousness. Anything else is way beyond my comfort zone.

I have to laugh about your telemarketing experience. 
I did that once years ago and I actually
 enjoyed it. What does that say about me?

Do you have anything you'd like to share with readers? And how can they find you on the web?

I love hearing from readers at or my website 

I don't read reviews of my books but I do read reader mail and answer them. I even keep a scrapbook of every email and letter. My readers are very dear to me and I pray for them and covet their prayers as I really need them. I love meeting new readers online. Please stop by and say, "Hi!"

Thank you, Laura for taking the time to chat with me today. I look forward to reading Love's Reckoning. 

Readers, Laura has graciously agreed to give away a copy of one of her books, readers choice, to those who leave a comment, along with their email address. We'll draw for the winner one week from today.

Grace and peace to you from God.






  1. Thanks for the great interview with Laura, Bonnie:) I love Laura's books(yours too Bonnie!). I've read all your books Laura and love the details and descriptions you put into your really pulls me in:) I have almost all your books in print, except for "The Colonel's Lady" so I would love to have a copy to give to my teenage daughter...who loves historical romances!

    You are an inspiration to us new writers with your disciplined schedule...thanks for sharing :-)


    lornafaith at gmail dot com

  2. Laura - I admire your pluck to reveal your distaste for social media. Thanks for an encouraging interview and best to you with your series.

  3. Oh, Laura. Love the idea of the scrapbook. What a precious way to stay connected to readers through prayer. I'm taking notes, my friend.

  4. I'm currently reading Courting Morrow Little. You are my go-to historical fiction author. I love the rich detail and sensory images that allow your readers to experience the story through your eyes. I'd love to be entered into the drawing.

  5. Wonderful interview with a beautiful lady. Laura is truly a gracious person. (I share her dislike for self-promotion--it goes against the grain.) I already have all of Laura's books--"Love's Reckoning" is currently in my TBR pile. For those of you who haven't read her yet, you'll love her stories!

  6. Anonymous11:34 AM

    Would love to win one of your books.

  7. Anonymous. I'll need your email address to include you in the drawing.

    Can you repost? I'd hate for you to miss out on the opportunity. She does write really terrific books.

  8. I'm loving all of these comments. It seems Laura is well known among readers. Ah ha! Just as I thought.

    As she should be. :>

  9. LornaFaith,
    Love your name! I've seen you around the web before. So glad you know Bonnie and also have read me. I'm really honored.

    Thrilled, too, that you have a heart for your daughter and our books and wanting to share them!

    As for that discipline, I can't take any credit for it. After half a century or so I've finally figured out I'm a Type A! I so wish I was mellow but am wired so differently. Guess all that passion and angst comes out in my books, lol.

    Bless you so much for being here. You've made my day:)

  10. Davalyn,
    Oh, another beautiful name! Positively novel-worthy:) I'm always searching for character names and some of you fit the bill quite nicely!

    Thanks for your transparency, too, regarding social media. I think it's here to stay:( So guess I have to make the best of it!

    I really appreciate your comments. Being encouraged goes a long way and you've done that for me. Thank you.

  11. Lori, So happy you're here:) I get nearly giddy thinking of your upcoming release - am just dying to see the cover when you can share!

    Yes, my scrapbooks mean a lot to me. I have one for each book and it helps me stay connected to readers. I sometimes think of them as my sunshine folders as I go to them when I need encouragement (which is often). The writing life is a very solitary one so it's good we can stay connected that way.

    Counting down with you:)

  12. Lisa, Love hearing what works for you with my books. I really try to bring those sensory details to life and am thrilled you think that's coming across the page(s). If I remember correctly, you're a writer yourself:)

    Very glad you've met Morrow. That was a story of the heart. Hated to say goodbye to those characters. I always want to write a sequel but know those don't always work!

    Thanks for taking time here today. And a merry early Christmas to you and yours!

  13. Ann, Yay! Love seeing you here. Almost like the book venue we did last May:) Boy, was that fun!

    I can't thank you enough for your encouragement. I couldn't do it without you, Bonnie, Lori and others here.

    It's a beautiful thing when we can support each other. I don't know that that happens so easily outside the CBA. We are blessed, indeed.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  14. Bonnie, I have already told Laura how I really lost myself in the Frontiersman's Daughter as well as Love's Reckoning. I have also read Courting Morrow Little and had a similar experience. I am still a little sad because Lael isn't in my life everyday now! :D I may have to reread it again. I'd love to win one of these books. Blessings! Darlene


  15. Nancy McLeroy3:09 PM

    I love the interview. It's great to read books that not only entertain, but have a deeper meaning and help growth with my relationship with the Lord. I love history and reading about different eras in history. I can't wait to read Laura's new book!

  16. "My editor actually suggested I write a generational family series set in Pennsylvania."

    Why Pennsylvania, Laura, and not Kentucky?

    Loved LR. Looking forward to #2!

  17. Elizabeth Dent3:22 PM

    Laura I am a fan of yours & liked your page. I like that you do read our mail & even keep a scrapbook of them . that is neat. please enter me in your contest.

  18. That book is next on my to-read list.

    lotsofbooks1 (at) live (dot) com

  19. I've just recently read Laura's books and I love them! This interview is wonderful and I enjoyed it so much. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  20. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Hi Laura. I've got two of your books so far. Hoping to win this one to go with " Loves Reckoning " . Is this the #1 and #2 ? I also have" Colonel's Daughter. " I enjoyed the interview too! Will have to check you out on Facebook. Than's Bonnie for having Laura in for a visit.
    Maxie ( )

  21. Darlene, So glad to see you again:) I remember your encouragement and treasure it! Wonderful to think of you missing Lael. I do, too.

    Would love to send a book your way. Wish I had a book for everyone!!

  22. Nancy, You're the very best kind of reader, enjoying reading different eras, etc. Love that! My desire is to write books with a deeper meaning that shows spiritual truth so it's good to know that's your heart's desire as a reader, too.

    Bless you so much!

  23. Sally,
    Great question! I was a little shocked when my editor suggested I move to PA. But I think (and she didn't tell me but am guessing) that it's because editors don't like authors to get too tied to a setting but keep things fresh as it brings in new readers. I think they thought I'd kind of exhausted the settler - native - Kentucky theme. And honestly, I hadn't come up with anything else in Kentucky that I was dying to write like those first 3.

    Thankfully, Pennsylvania is enough like KY that it wasn't a hard leap. And it doesn't hurt that my hero, Daniel Boone, came from there:)

    Love that you enjoyed LR so much. Praying you enjoy Love's Awakening just as much!

  24. Elizabeth, Bless you for liking my poor author page! I wish I could roll my personal page friends over to that one so it wouldn't be so lonesome but can't get it done. I am so untechy!

    I really do treasure my readers and mail. It's always touching to me when someone takes the time to reach out to me about my books or blog, etc. The Lord is really good at bringing us together and I'm so thankful.

    Bless you for being here!

  25. Bookishqueen - love your tag! And am so happy to be on your read list. Thanks so much for that:)

  26. Kd, Oh, great to see you here! Heartfelt thanks for taking time for my books! I'm always amazed when anyone finds me in the sea of books out there. And even more amazed and thankful when they like what they read. JOY!

  27. I now have all of Laura's books except Love's Reckoning. It's killing me! I've been waiting months to read it!

    I'm so glad you like connecting with your readers. I think a good author always needs to do that! :)


  28. Laura! You're one of my top faves!! I'm envious of your pool time. Of course, if I got up at 5 I could do it too... hehe! I guess I like my bed more. :-)
    Way to be disciplined though!
    I try to keep my evenings free, too. Family time and all that. It would help if I wrote long hand, but I can't stand to look at my handwriting, so that takes care of that. LOL
    Congrats on the new book!! Can't wait to read it...

  29. I'm adding you to my "must-read" list, Laura. I am also awed at your discipline. The "5am" thing kinda blows me away. :) Thanks for this great interview, Bonnie.


  30. April, My fellow author and friend! Thanks so much for stopping by during this very busy season:)

    I have to admit I'm with you on the writing bit. Mine is becoming more and more illegible! Sometimes my legal pads are absolutely indecipherable to anyone but me. I did hear some reasons to NOT write in longhand on the Books&Such blog recently such as carpal tunnel and arthritis, etc. So think you should just continue as is:)

    I hope your own writing is going well and this season finds you and your loved ones very blessed.

    Thanks so much for being here!

  31. Marissa, There you are:) LOVE that you have yet to read LR! Would so love to send a book your way! Thanks so very much for having read ALL of my books to date. Leaves me wondering if you have a fav?! My guess is CML but I may be wrong...

    Blessings to you, my fine reading friend!! Love seeing you here, there, or anywhere:)

  32. Jayne9:23 AM

    I have not reade any of Lauras books.....yet. I hope I am not to late to enter. I would love to win a copy and begin enjoying another author. Thanks.

  33. Jayne, I'm sorry you missed the cut off date this time, but I plan to host an author here twice a month so there will be lots more opportunities to win a great read. Hope you'll check back.

    Bless you.