Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Quiet Moments With God -- A Quiet Place?

Are you busy, maybe too busy? This is the time of year for busyness, isn't it. I'm thinking, it should be a time of Holiness. 

In my reading this morning I came across these beautiful words and thought they might be just what you need to hear. They quieted me.

From Streams in the Desert:

It is good to live in the valley sweet,
Where the work of the world is done,
Where the reapers sing in the fields of wheat,
And work until the setting of the sun.
But beyond the meadows, the hills I see
Where the noises of traffic cease,
And I follow a Voice who calls out to me
From the hilltop regions of peace.

Yes, to live is sweet in the valley fair,
And work till the setting of the sun;
But my spirit yearns for the hilltop's air
When the day and its work are done.
For a presence breathes o'er the silent hills, 
And its sweetness is living yet;
The same deep calm all the hillside fills,
As breathed over Olivet.

          Every life that desires to be strong must have its "Most Holy Place" 
(Ex. 26:33) into which only God enters.

Praying that in the midst of this busy time of year you will find time to spend with the Lord in the Most Holy Place.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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