Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Books & Writing: Secrets to a Happy Life

I just read 
Secrets to a Happy Life
and I love it!

Before I talk about the book, I'd like to introduce the author, Bill Giovannetti. 

He says, "If we could share lattes at Starbucks, I'd introduce myself with a good amount of randomness."

And so he does.

  • I'm into woodworking (I made my wife a grandfather clock, and I'm still banking on that leverage).
  • Bass fishing calls out to me.
  • Good Italian food - especially Chicago pizza - is my love language.
  • My wife, Margi, is a bundle of living awesomeness. She's an attorney and teaches business law classes at Simpson University.
  • I have two kids that blow my mind with brilliance, beauty, sweetness and fun.
  • God is better to me than I deserve.
  • I'm honored to teach at W.W. Tozer Theological Seminary and Simpson University. I  think I'm an easy grader.
  • My first love is pastoring, and I am blessed beyond words to lead the incredible people called Neighborhood Church of Redding.
  • We're home schoolers, mainly because I work on Saturdays and Sundays (church-wise), and our family needed to see me once in a while. By we, I mean my wife, who does an unspeakably excellent job of teaching our munchkins.
  • When I first became a pastor, my first office was the birthplace of AWANA.

I've never met Bill, but making that happen is now officially included on my Bucket List. We share the same literary agency, Books & Such, so I think the meeting is within reach.

Now, about his book, Secrets to a Happy Life. When I finished reading I had to share. It is just so good.

About the book:

Can you really be happy in ANY situation?

Contrary to pupular belief, happy people aren't born happy. And they face difficulties as we all do. But they have discovered something the rest of us can learn - how to tap into a deep happiness that flows no matter the circumstance.
     Filled with practical advice and biblical wisdom, Secrets to a Happy Life shows how true satisfaction is anchored to the soul, safe from the disappointments and stresses at the surface of life. Drawing lessons from the remarkable life of Joseph, who was sold into slavery at a young age and endured much hardship, you will discover how to:
  • See all the ways God is working for your joy.
  • Get beyond the negative emotions that hold you back.
  • Find rest in God's goodness and control.
  • Create - and tap into - your own deep well of happiness.
Life will always have its ups and downs, but with the life-changing secrets in this book, you can amplify and sustain the joy already inside you.

My thoughts:  The minute I opened the pages of this book I knew it was special because I scrambled to find a pen so I could underline Bill's thoughts. I underlined, bracketed and drew circles around the life-changing words on the pages - words that spoke to my heart. I knew I'd be back to look at them again.

As I read, the Holy Spirit spoke to me. He used this book to shout out principles I already know, but badly needed to be reminded of.

Bill has done a quality job. He writes with passion, using humor, theology, creativity and down to earth talk to help readers grab hold of God's truth. He has designed us to be happy and to find joy in life. It is His gift to us. Happiness is for everyone, no matter the circumstances.

My husband and I are reading the book together and we will very likely lead a small group in the fall, using Secrets to a Happy Life as a tool. Bill includes questions at the end of each chapter that are thought provoking and great discussion starters. I can't wait to introduce it to people I love.

And I hope each person reading this will go out and get a copy today. Don't put it up on the shelf, thinking that one day you'll get to it. Read it. It can change your life.

Thank you Bill. Your hard work is a blessing to me.

Bill is available online at:


And for more resources for this book go to

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