Friday, July 12, 2013

The Journey - Scary Roads

Journeys oftentimes take us on scary roads (literally). I've always been afraid when driving narrow, winding cliff roads. 

Even when I was a kid, I'd get scared. We used to travel from Western Washington to Eastern Washington to see family. If the snow had melted enough we'd take a high mountain pass over the Cascade Mountains called Chinook Pass. It would scare the pants off me.

My mother loved that drive. She was fearless. She'd gaze out the window at mountains blanketed by deep-green forests with meadows buried in snow and admire the view. All the while, unaffected by the cliff that fell thousands of feet below us at the edge of the road. She'd say, "Oh Roy (that's my dad and he was driving), look at that." Inside I'd be screaming, "Don't look! Keep your eyes on the road!" I'd be gripping the edge of the seat so tightly my knuckles would be white.

My family used to have way too much fun at my expense. I was the only one terrified of cliff roads. And it seemed that every time I turned around we'd be going somewhere that called on me to be brave. Each September we'd travel high into the mountains to pick huckleberries. It required driving a road very similar to the one in the photo above. In most places the road was too narrow for two cars to pass. I remember on several occasions that my father had to back down to make room for another driver coming from the opposite direction. I really didn't like that.

I loved our time up there in the mountains. We'd pick berries and picnic. It was always a special family time. But the road terrified me.

I've traveled lots of scary roads while gripping the steering wheel and trying not to look at the cliff at the edge of my tires. In fact, I live on a road that's kind of like that. My first trip up I told my husband, "I can never drive this road." When we decided to buy the property Greg said glibly, "Don't worry. You'll be fine."

I didn't believe him, but as it turned out he was right. I've had a few scary moments in the ice and snow, but mostly  I love the road. It has spectacular views and every time I drive up or down I get to look at them. I hate to think of how many amazing experiences I'd have missed if I'd been too afraid to drive the road and didn't buy the property.

Life's journey is full of scary roads, literally and figuratively. 

Even when we're afraid, we need to drive them. They often lead us to the most amazing places where we can enjoy spectacular views.

Have you had scary road experiences? I'd love to know about the scariest road you've ever been on. Please share.

Enjoy the journey,


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