Friday, August 30, 2013

The Journey - Family & Summer Fun

Families are messy. Sibling rivalry can linger into adulthood and there's plenty of that squabbling going on between youngsters. Brothers, sisters, mothers and daughters let one another down . . . sometimes. We worry and sometimes we argue. We may or may not agree on religion or politics. And the array of interests can be vast. But . . . I can't imagine life without my family. 

Family makes my life sweeter.

There was a lot of sibling rivaly in my home when I was growing up. There were five of us kids and we knew how to squabble. I'm glad to say we've grown out of that . . . mostly. We do let one another down from time to time, but always if one of us is facing something really tough we can count on each other. And yep, we worry about each other and we even argue, but not often. We have varied opinions about religion and politics and occasionally wander into emotional land mines. Mostly we've agreed to disagree and live in a comfortable truce. As to our passions, I see our wide variety of interests as a plus.

I'm feeling sad today because my sister, who has been visiting from Alaska, headed home. I miss her already. We spent lots of good time together. She even taught me how to make pickles. In all my sixty-one years I've never made them. Now I know how. Thanks Myrn. More pickles on the way! 

This summer has been extra special with lots of family time.

We had birthday parties and family gatherings.

Roamed the beach town of Bandon.

There was music in the house again.

And treasures discovered at garage sales.

A new puppy joined our family.

And a new baby!

We made a trip to the butterfly pavilion.

And the men fell some trees.

Greg and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary with friends.

And there's so much more, but there's not time or space here to share. Thankfully, my mind is filled with lots of new memories. Yay!

My family blesses me. Their love warms my heart.

Family's don't have to be perfect(perfect families don't exist anyway) to be beautiful. We cheer each other on in good times and bad. We pray together, laugh and cry together. We remember years gone by . . .together. For me, life is about family.

Whether your family is large or small or made up of people you've come to know along the way I pray the lives you share will be full of love, joy and laughter.

Do you have a precious moment from this summer that you shared with special people - something fun or funny or an experience that touched your heart? We want to know. I want to know! Please tell us about it.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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