Tuesday, April 01, 2014

The Journey - Is God Good All The Time?

I've been waiting to write this post, uncertain what I would say. Even now as I begin, I can only express my awe at the wonder of God.

March 22nd I stood in the ER and said good-bye to my grandson, Ezra, as the staff prepared him to be life-flighted to a Portland hospital, four hours away. I prayed for God's healing and His peace. I prayed the doctors would be wise. I prayed he wouldn't suffer too much. And I prayed that I would see him again. 

I have walked through many storms and know that my will is not always the same as The Father's. Therefore I knew God would answer my prayer, but not necessarily in the way I wanted.

Ezra's injuries were mighty, but he is loved by a mightier God. "He shouldn't be alive," we heard from the EMT's on sight, the doctors who treated him in our local ER and Legacy Emanuel ER and from the surgeons who did their precision work on him. And yet, he is here sleeping in our home, very much alive. Ezra fought hard and after twelve days he took a very long ride home and walked from the car and into the house on his own steam.

Psalm 91:4 says, "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart." 

The Lord was and is with Ezra. During Sunday worship I envisioned God shielding Ezra's head with his hands, preventing it from being crushed as the side-by-side he was riding tipped and rolled, trapping Ezra beneath it. God is merciful.

I don't know why Ezra's life was spared, but I'm grateful. This grandma knows he's special, intelligent and full of fun. Although he has a lot of healing yet to do, is moving slowly right now and has at least one more surgery in front of him he will have more days for things like swimming and barbecues and spelling bees. 

When God answers prayer and I hear people say, "God is good," I sometimes wonder how that person would respond when a tragedy doesn't have a happy ending? Is God still good? 

Our Heavenly Father is always good. Ezra came so close to heaven it takes my breath away. His ordeal reminds me of the sorrow weighing heavy in so many homes in this world. I pray for all the unhappy endings - may you see the light of the Lord even in the midst of your sorrow. He is there too. 

Ezra's journey thus far.

Thanking God for His mercy.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. He is good all of the time. My son was healed from cancer at 18 in Heaven but my nephew had severe head injuries from a brutal beating and is thriving, bringing his family to the Lord and my great grandson born at 21 weeks is healthy and happy. My God is an awesome God all of the time.

  2. I am SO glad to hear that Ezra came home - and walked in!

    I have had cause to doubt God's purpose. I've seen kids killed because they went to the wrong church, or because their parents lived in the wrong place. I've buried friends in shallow unmarked graves.

    The bits of them I could find, that is.

    Where is God in all this?

    Weeping, like in the Bible's shortest verse.

    As long as He'll cry with me, I'm cool with Him.

    Does that make sense?

  3. Andrew, you do make sense. But as you talk about the path you've walked I want to weep. What tremendous sorrow.

    And I wonder where you have lived to have seen such atrocities.

  4. Made me weep, too, but now I can never cry.

    Being in those places and seeing those things was part of a previous career. Worth doing, but hard on the soul.

  5. Beautiful post, Bonnie. I'm so thankful that Ezra made it okay.

    I've heard the same sentiments. That God is good all of the time. Even if our loved ones go on to the next life.


  6. Thank you, Steph. We continue to be amazed at his progress.