Monday, August 11, 2014

The Journey - Where Eagles Soar

Sometimes life makes no sense and we can only trust in God's greater purposes. That is where we begin with Where Eagles Soar.

Discovering this incredible story, writing it, and finally publishing the tale has been a long and difficult journey. It's also been gratifying and enriching.

A local woman, I'll call Lily, contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in writing her life's story. I was in the middle of a series and couldn't take on another project and had to decline. Lily called me a couple of times the following year, but I was committed to other projects then, as well. 

And then we met.

I was doing a local book-signing and Lily stopped in. I liked her right away. I could tell she was the real deal. She told me a little about her life and I couldn't stop the tears. I knew in my heart that I was supposed to write her story.

We spent hundreds of hours on this project. Lily came to my home often and we talked about her life and looked at family photos. Some days were pure joy and others were heart-wrenching, especially for Lily. It's not easy reliving some of the events in our lives.  

And now there is a book that tells Lily's amazing story. Her tale is inspiring and gut-wrenching. Lily is an incredible woman. 

I hope you'll get a copy of the book and discover a world you never dreamed of  -  Intriguing. Beautiful. Terrifying.


     In 1947 Lily Sanders moved with her family to a homestead at the edge of an Athabaskan village in the Alaskan Territory. It was an ideal location for her father, a mountain man and hunting guide. It also provided a place where the world could not see his brutality.
     Seeking her father's love and approval, Lily traipses the mountain trails at his side, learning to bring down big game and to work as a hunting guide. She runs her own trap-lines, faces down wolves and mushes her dog team in local races.
     A heartless act by her father, leaves Lily brokenhearted and strips away any thread of hope that one day he might love her. She vows to never forgive him and turns to the powerful bond of love she shares with her sweet-spirited mother and her many sisters. Together they share the adventure, beauty and heartache of their wilderness life.

Even a mother's love is not great enough to overcome a deeply rooted bitterness like Lily's. Only the love of God can set her free.

Available on ebook and soon in print version.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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