Friday, November 14, 2014

The Journey - Courage

We never know how courage will be displayed. It may be a soldier on a battle field, or a fireman who risks his life to save a stranger, a single mother who steps onto a college campus determined to provide a better future for her family. And sometimes it comes in the shape of a twelve-year-old boy who wants to get back to living.

My grandson Ezra is a determined and courageous twelve-year-old.

Many of you know about the horrific ATV accident last March that nearly extinguished Ezra's life. Every time I see him I see a miracle. Along his journey one doctor after another has shared their amazement over his survival and recovery.

The healing continues. Ezra has a long road ahead due to damage to his skull, more surgery, an eye that has been altered, and teeth that need repair. He's been patient and strong, but being side-lined from the sports he loves has been really hard on him. He couldn't wait any longer, and managed to get permission from his doctor to play basketball this fall.

This week he had a home game. It was thrilling, for this grandma, to watch him play.

His team had a good day and so did he. They won and Ezra did a great job at rebounding and blocking, and he made a basket.

The most precious thing of all - He played!

After the game, he joined his brother and sister and had dinner with my husband and me. Of course we talked about the game, which was fun, but it was Ezra's account of what happened just before that has me tearful. 

He was afraid. Ezra didn't know what the consequences of an elbow jammed into his face or skull might be. Or what a hard fall on a gym floor might do. He told us, "I just prayed and trusted God to protect me. And I did my best to get the rebounds and fight for the ball."

That's courage. He may only be twelve, but he's walking in faith.

Ezra's one of my heroes. 

Heroes make life richer for the rest of  us. Do you have a hero in your life? 

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous6:53 PM

    okay, now ya made me cry... We so prayed. And God so heard!

  2. We are grateful for every prayer.