Thursday, January 01, 2015


Happy New Year!

The year 2015 is going to be amazing. It belongs to the Lord and He never does anything in half measures.

I entered this world way back when the calendar read 1952. That's a lot of years ago. Wow! Cherish the years.

I love New Year's Eve. It's always special, even if I don't do anything extra special. Big plans today. Hah! I took a nap, watched a great movie, and when the "ball dropped" shared some sparkling cider with my hubby and a New Year's kiss. Then we went out on our deck in the chilly, misty air and cheered with our neighbors and reveled at all the guns and fireworks going off in our little town. There was a lot of celebrating going on. And why not - we have a new year ahead of us with all sorts of possibilities.

Today I went into town to see my Mom and we had a good visit, shared hugs and kisses. Two of my grandchildren, Ezra and Olivia, went with me. Mom always loves to see them.

Me and the kids had a great time together. We didn't do anything special, just talked ... about things like arm pit hair (crazy kids) and the fact that I talk a lot, and I use big words they need me to interpret. Silly me. We bought junk food to eat while we watch the Ducks game tomorrow. And we cranked up the music in the car and did a little hip hop while we drove along. A guy on the sidewalk laughed at us and that made us laugh even more. My granddaughter announced that she liked my new hair cut about a half dozen times, and that she'd already gotten used to it. Hah! That made my day - her opinion counts.

Kids are so great. I'm thankful for the ones the Lord blessed me with many years ago and for their children, my beautiful grandchildren. If I were going to make a New Year's resolution it is  this - I will spend lots of quality time with my grandchildren and children, and with the rest of the folks I love. Work matters and will always be here, but it can't be my 1st priority - People are. Loving the precious ones in my life is something I'm going to do a lot more of this year.

God has been good to me. I don't want to waste the days He gives.

Do you have a resolution for the New Year? What is it? I want to know.

If you leave a comment. I have a Starbucks gift card to give away to one lucky person.


Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous2:08 PM

    I want to combine my Bible reading with old devo, Streams in the Desert--and have (allow/let) God direct my days more than me this year! I figure if I love Him more, and spend more time with Him, then EVERYTHING else should fall in line. Sooo, let the games begin and God get the glory! Also, I'm back to watching my weight again. Truly slacked off when we changed insurance and it wouldn't pay for my meds---oh blech. Always these little foxes that get into life and ruin the vineyards---not the huge droughts 'n disasters!

  2. What a great New Years picture.. Sounds like you had a wonderful time with family. I hope to laugh more often and love my family more. The years are slipping by so much faster since retirement. I want to rejoice in each day! Happy New Year to YOU!
    dkstevensne AT outlook DOtCOm

  3. I love this cheery, fun post, Bonnie! What a joyful time you had with your grandkids. So precious. Thanks for the reminder to draw closer to the ones we love, to make sure relationships are our first priority. New Year's resolutions ... hmmm ... I would like to commit to walking at least 5x a week. It is good for my shoulders and seems to be helpful for this vestibular issue that drags on and on ... Also, finish the novel I'm working on! Finally! And, in following your good example, make purposeful time for/with my husband and daughter. Our schedules will shift due to his new job, so ... purposeful! :) Blessings to you in the New Year. May the Lord continue to give you treasured time with your beloveds. :) xo

  4. Anonymous1:12 PM

    hi i am one of Bonnie Leon's grandkids and i am ezra i am the one who brought up the conversation about the armpit hair those are some funny times i have always loved my family my great grandma my grandma and etc. my family is basically my life and i love to see them every single day of my life and i wake up every morning waiting to see my grandma and every time i go to town and grandma says were going to see great grandma i get really excited bin my head because i have always loved my great grandma and i will never stop loving her.

    (love EZRA NAVARRE)
    PS. i will never stop loving you grandma

  5. Ezra ... I love you more.