Monday, March 02, 2015

How Do Losers Win?

How can we win when we're "losing"?

My ten-year-old granddaughter plays on a local basketball team. I love to watch her play and go to watch as often as possible. It's been a rough season. Her team hasn't won a single game. In fact, I don't think they've played a game that wasn't a blow-out. The last game I watched, they actually quit keeping score. But that doesn't keep me from cheering as they make their way down the court.

So, why do these girls keep coming back ... to practice every week and to the games? Why do they battle on?

I suppose it could be parents who won't let them quit. Or they'd rather get beat than sit home and watch television. But I'll bet most of them show up because they love to play.

Can you relate? There are so many situations in life where we love what we're doing, but we're still losing the game. It could be a promotion at work we didn't get, a C- in our Shakespeare class, or rabble-rousing kids that make a parent feel like a failure.

A writer's life is full of pitfalls that feel like we're losing. We can't get an agent to sign us. Or find a publishing house who will publish our latest book. In the contest we entered we didn't even final. And of course there is always the poor sales that threaten to sink our careers.

So, why do we keep writing? Why do you keep parenting or continue to work your hardest at that job without a future promotion? 

I don't know. There is no one answer. What I do know is it's a lot harder to stay in the game when we feel like we're losing.  I am so proud of those girls on the basketball team who keep showing up every week.

For me it comes down to one thing - what did God ask me to do? Did He ask me to win? Or did He just ask me to play the game, to show up and do my best. He promises that He'll show up with  me. 

I don't want to let my Lord down. I said, "Yes" to him and I promised not to waver. 

And besides, who decides whether we're winning or losing? There are all kinds of great shots in a game, sometimes they even change lives. And as long as we keep showing up and doing our best, we're winning.

So, keep on getting "out there" and keep playing.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Oh Bonnie, such good, worthy thoughts! I am a really good quitter. I've kinda quit most everything when it didn't work--but never people. God has allowed me to hang in with others when they drive me to despair. So for that I'm thankful! But all the other "stuff", well, what can I say? As I grow older, it just gets more 'n more okay to quit, and then that frees me to try something else that just "may" work for me. I dunno--it's not a good trait in me, I know! But it's an "oh well"...

  2. Patti, not every game should be played the same. I love your transparency. And I love your fun, sweet spirit. So who says you're not doing it just the way the Lord has asked you to?

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