Sunday, March 06, 2016


I've been writing since the early 1990's and one of my favorite things to do as a writer is to mentor other writers. I've been doing it since my first series released way back in 1994. It's so much fun!

I'm going to be at the OCW Summer Conference again this summer where I look forward to mentoring several participating writers. I can't wait for those four incredible days in August, the 15th through the 18th. I hope you'll join us. For information go to

It struck me ... why wait? Why not begin now?

I'm not sure just what this is going to look like, but I invite you writers to contact me here on this page or privately. Bring me your questions, your frustrations, your need for encouragement. I want to help. I'll even take a look at snippets of your work and offer my suggestions. I won't have all the answers, but I will do my best to find them. And I'd love to  hear from some of you with suggestions of your own. We can hep one another.

Being a writer is not easy. The pay is lousy, the hours long with stressful, looming deadlines. But we can't stop.
Creating stories, just like creating any work of art, fulfills a deep need we can't ignore. And although creating a book or a poem or an article is truly hard work it is also beautiful and fun and yes that cliche word ... fulfilling. 

You can post a question here or send it to me privately via the contact button or you can reach me at

I will post some of the questions and answers here on the page. And if you would like your name to be kept confidential I can do that.

This should be fun. And I hope beneficial to us all. So, let's jump in and write, gripe, and smite a few foes.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. This will be fun, Bonnie. I look forward to your posts. And to learn more about writing.

  2. I think you're right - FUN!

    I'm going to include this on my present blog and since you are a follower you will receive all the blog posts. I look forward to your input.

    Have a blessed day.

  3. excited to learn more!

    1. Hi, Stephanie. So good to see you here. I'm excited too. Can't wait to get to know more authors and work together.