Monday, May 11, 2020


While chatting with a friend of mine recently I mentioned that I'd become a grazer. Actually grazing isn't something new for me. I've been grazing through my kitchen for years. 

Hah! Actually, not funny.

I never thought of grazing in the context of my time with the Lord. During this quieter, though stressful era of Covid-19, I've been grazing with God. We've been hanging out together a lot.

Many times I've heard people say they are unable to find time to spend with God. Their lives are hectic and too busy. Like them, I've told myself that even though I know it's not all together true. There is always time for what we value most.

I still relish deep study, the meat and potatoes of my spiritual walk. However, sometimes long periods of study feel like a hurdle, and I'm convinced I don't have the time or stamina so I don't try. On those kinds of days it's time to find another tactic. 

During these Covid days I'm often distracted - therefore the grazing, taking smaller bites of time with The Father. And just as sheep graze in the fields with a shepherd watching over them, I find the Lord always present, close to me and ready for a chat.

He is with me during my daily devotional time and while I watch podcasts created by those who share their spiritual insights. I even find the Lord in notes sent to me by friends. He responds to my whispered prayers. He accompanies me on my strolls through my timbered neighborhood. And He always waits for me in His Word. He is never not with me.

I am comforted by the words in Psalm 139 that say, "I can never escape from your spirit! I can never get away from your presence!"

There are so many ways to find time for God. In the very beginning of time man and woman walked with God and talked with God in the garden. What a blessed time that must have been. 

Though we live in a sin-stained world God still wants to spend time with us. He doesn't say we must cut out an hour or more from each day to study and pray, but He does say we are to seek Him and spend time with Him. We can do that. 

Like a shepherd who watches over his sheep God is always watching over us and when we reach out, there He will be. And if we wander off we can be assured He will find us.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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