Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Corona Tweny?

How many of you have heard of the Corona Twenty? I've heard a lot of people lamenting over the weight they've gained since hunkering down to "stay safe". The term became known as the Corona Twenty.

So, why would someone decide to go on a diet in the midst of one of the most stressful periods of history this American has experienced? Not sure. Maybe it is about control. Everything feels out of control these days, but I can control what I put in my  mouth.

Those of you who have followed me through the years have likely seen that I struggle with my weight. It's been a long-time issue, made worse after I had an accident back in 1991 that was followed by disability and a more sedentary lifestyle. 

Oh, how I miss being active. I was one of those who loved to work outdoors. And to stay busy. With all my hurting parts it's just not fun or even doable these days. The pounds kept adding up. and then one day I said, "No More! I want a life!"

I'm back to walking. I don't walk far, usually only twenty to thirty minutes, but I do it every day. And now with the warmer weather I can add swimming, which will be easier on my body.

I've tried a lot of weight loss plans through the years, some with moderate success. This is not an ad for any one program. I'm just trying something new and so far it's helping. I'm on the Noom program, where the bottom line is mostly about sensible, healthy eating while watching intake and taking a closer look at why we eat what we eat. So far I'm down twelve pounds. And that's good, but I have a long way to go.

My weight loss has been slow, but the really cool thing I've been noticing is I'm beginning to change my mind (gradually) about food. I'm feeling less addicted and more inclined to care about what food accomplishes for me. And though some days I feel discouraged, I'm not inclined to give up ... and I've been at this for nine weeks. In recent years I haven't hung on this long without feeling outdone by my stubborn metabolism. 

One of the interesting aspects of the Noom plan is the idea of overcoming a habit, fear or something that has defeated you in the past by exposing yourself to it and overcoming. For instance I HATE WEIGHING MYSELF! Ugh. Really hate it. On the Noom plan I weigh every day. I still don't like it but it doesn't have the power it once did and I see a day when I'm not bothered about it at all. A coming attraction. :-) One other hint about overcoming that has been helpful is walking the store aisles that tempts me most ... and not giving in to the temptation. It is empowering. I know that to those of you who don't struggle with weight this may sound weird, but maybe you can apply it to something you DO struggle with. I'd love to hear your feedback on that.

I will keep you updated on my progress and let you know some of the new stuff I'm learning. And I hope that one day I will have a before and after photo to share with you.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Bonnie, I have noticed that you have slimmed down from the walks you put on line with your dog. Good Job...I have gained and most of it being cause the gym has been shut down. I noticed that I eat more and it is probably stress. I am proud of you. I have your book but have not read it yet but I will. Love, Barb

    1. Hi Barbara. Try not to be hard on yourself about the weight gain. So many are struggling because of the lock down. The added stress of the Covid tragedy only makes it more difficult.

      I hope you enjoy the book. I'm working on a sequel now.

      God bless you.