Thursday, November 05, 2020



The past four years have been difficult for Trump supporters. We have been laughed at, maligned, verbally and physically attacked for supporting our president, a man who has fought harder for this country than any in my lifetime. We spoke up only to be knocked down. We spoke, in agreement with our president, for the innocent unborn, for the right of religious freedom, for the right of free speech and the right to bear arms -for our liberty. 

All the while the mainstream press lied to the American people, secreting the truth and creating fictional stories that fit their agenda. They were no longer the press, but rather an ideological powerhouse who walked in lockstep with the liberal progressive party. When a massive mail in vote was called for we, the practical minded, knew it was unwise, unwieldly, unworkable and unnecessary. Something like that cannot be thrown together willy-nilly. 

We were right. The results speak for themselves. Hundreds of counties in this country have more votes than they have registered voters. Voting places refuse reasonable oversight. Votes, thousands of them, are showing up at polling places after counting had been stopped. There was no clear explanation as to why. What were they waiting for? And now reports are coming in from people who voted and have discovered their votes were not counted. Clearly voter fraud is going on, but if we speak up we are slapped down for be hysterical or unreasonable or deceived. None of which is true.

I do not know what the results of this election will be, but I know enough to be alarmed at the turn our country has taken. This deceitful road has no good destination. I am embarrassed and ashamed and disappointed. The powers (which are many) have taken control. 

Still, we the people, cannot be complacent. Now more than ever we need to stand up and fight. Fight for what is right, for what is good and honorable. If we lay down our arms in fear or apathy America will cease to exist, at least the American that has been a strong and a powerful force for good in this world. We will go down as dramatically and disastrously as the Titanic did decades ago. As it was then it will be now, death and destruction will follow. America and its people will be dragged to the bottom of a dark sea and the world will never be the same.

I know I sound hopeless, but I'm not. We are only human beings, but there is a God who loves and who is wise. He will not abandon us. But we better be hanging onto His hand if we want to survive.

Praying that in the days to come you will know God's grace and peace.



  1. Patricia Lee11:22 AM

    The deceit and lies are unbelievable. But I haven't given up hope. This fight is not over.

    1. Thanks for the word of encouragement, Patricia. I hope and pray those who have abused our system will pay consequences, but accountability seems rare in our country these days. However, will be a day when we will all have to face the Lord and make an account.

  2. Bonnie, Fear not! God always removes every plan humanly possible before He delivers His miracle. President Trump is still God's Cyrus of the twentieth century.
    Also remember, that God told Abraham that if five righteous people were in Sodom, He would spare the city. We have millions of righteous people in America repenting and praying for her. God is not finished with America!

  3. I love the Lord and know that He has everything in hand. But sometimes the journey is hard, but I know God is righteous and will do what is best. Praise Him.