Friday, April 22, 2022

In the Details.


We often take things like flowers for granted. They are simply a part of the "ordinary" world we move through every day. But let's stop a moment and consider the perplexity and beauty of one single flower and then multiply that by a world full of flowers. Who did that? How is it that each is special, an intricate design?

The wonder is all about God's detailed creation. He is involved in the details of life, including our everyday existence.

I was reminded of this the day my husband and son were in a terrible accident. Those of you who follow me know the details so I will spare you here. But there is something more that happened on that day that has stayed with me. God was not surprised. And He was in the details.

At one point, the car my guys were riding in as it rolled down the embankment, hit a fallen tree. God made sure of the exact placement of that tree. It hit the car exactly between my husband and my son and crushed in the roof. If it had hit on either side, one of my loved ones would almost certainly have died instantly.

And then there are some little things. When my daughter-in-law heard what had happened, she knew she had to get to her husband. She grabbed up the first pair of boots sitting on the front porch and pulled them on. They fit her perfectly, making it possible for her to run the mile down our snow-covered road to the scene of the accident and once there she was able to direct the EMT's. Without her it would have taken much longer for the firemen to locate the car, which had gone down a 300-foot embankment.

When I arrived at the spot on the road where Greg and Paul had gone off, I realized my cell phone was nearly dead and I didn't have a way to charge it. I needed an adaptor. One of the men who was there helping, Micah Long, pulled one out of his coat pocket. He held it out to me and said, "I saw it on the counter when I was leaving this morning and put it in my pocket. I didn't know why." God knew.

Cell phones mattered that morning. My son had put his phone in his coat pocket. He doesn't do that, except on that morning. When the car stopped rolled, he was still conscious and called 911 to get help to him and his father. If he hadn't had that phone the situation would have been much worse.

And then there's the little detail about my husband and wearing his seat belt on our road. He doesn't like to put it on until he gets to the highway. But that morning he was wearing it. Thank the Lord!

There are more details including some I'm sure I don't even know about, but I think you get the point. God knew what was coming, and He made sure that everything and everyone was in place to bring about a happy ending. I am grateful for His kindness toward us.

You may wonder why God allowed it at all. I can't answer that. But I do know that we all have learned much from this experience and we are walking closer to our Heavenly Father. And once again we are reminded of His presence in our lives.

We are not alone. God is with us.

Thanking Him for His goodness and His mercy.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. True that! I live it often. With you my friend, we are being reminded that God not only knows the beginning and the end, He knows All the in-between. Excellent words!

    1. The daily walk can sometimes be tough, but God never gives up on us. I am grateful for His mercy. Hugs to you, Judie.

  2. What's so amazing this that Micah Long's adapter fit your cell phone...not all adapters fit. I can see God's hand in this all the way through. It is so reassuring to know that we are NOT alone. God is always with us. Thank you for sharing. Lois B.

    1. Oh my gosh, yes! And there have been many special opportunities presented to us because of the accident. God is great.

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    God cares sooooo much for your Sparrows, and His eye was surely on them, as it is on YOU! Ohhhh, why do we fume 'n fret 'n grumble 'n gripe EVER? Consider yourselves overly ???? loved 'n beloved!

    1. I couldn't make it in this world without Him. And sometimes I fume, fret, grumble and gripe ... ugh. Hope to never forget how great He is.