Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tips for Triumphant Living--Be ready.

II Timothy 4:2 says, “Be ready in season and out of season.”

So, what does that mean exactly? Simply put, I think it means BE READY, whether you feel like it or not. We can’t wait until we feel inspiration or a supernatural pulse from God to step out in service or in faith. We need to live every day in obedience, trusting our Lord.

I’m a writer, and if I wrote only when I felt inspired I’d never get anything done. I have to plant myself in my chair in front of my computer every day inspired or not. I have to go to work.

I love my job, but often what I put down on paper feels anything but inspired. And yet, so many times I look back at something I’ve written and wonder, "Where did that come from? Did I write that?" Then I remember God is with me whether I feel His presence or not. Of course there are times when I read and shudder at what I've written. And I have to rewrite. But it’s okay; rewriting is part of the creative process. And surprisingly, I love it!

Inspired moments are to be treasured, but we can’t live in that place counting only on the exceptional flashes of inspiration to do what God asks of us. If we live that way our life will be like dust, producing nothing.

So . . . BE READY and know that God is with you.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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