Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quiet Moments With God--Memories

Yesterday I spoke at a women’s luncheon; the topic was Making Memories to Cherish. The luncheon was great fun. We played games, enjoyed good food and beautiful music. Best of all, I met a lot of special ladies who made me feel welcomed. And I now have a batch of new memories tucked away in my mind.

Memories are like gifts, and the best kind of memories are those created by acts of love and mercy. I have many wonderful memories of my growing up years with my large family, funny and even bizarre moments with my kids, and special times with friends.

Through the years, God has brought warm and loving people into my life. The women at the luncheon were those kind of people. They made a special effort to encourage me and to make me feel like one of them.

The kind of event I attended yesterday doesn’t happen by accident. It takes committed people who willingly give of themselves. Women put hours into planning. Some carefully chose music and then perfected it for us to enjoy. There were lovely table settings prepared for guests, food prepared and special vignettes written and then shared. The end result was a memorable day and a warm place in my heart where I will remember it all.

In love and mercy, these women took time to give to others. Special memories last and they help carry us through the good and the bad days of life. May we savor every precious moment given to us.

Touch someone else’s life today—let them know you love them.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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