Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Don't Quit

Mother Teresa once said, “God didn’t call us to be successful, just faithful.”

Her words are an encouragement to me. It’s exactly what I believe . . . and yet I sometimes lose site of God’s plans because my own get in the way. Being a writer means I work a lot of hours for very little pay. This doesn’t apply to all writers, just about 98% of us. :-) And in light of Mother Teresa’s work my contribution seems insignificant.

I’m sure God doesn’t see it that way. Writing is what He asked me to do, along with a variety of other tasks. And so I persevere in an effort to be faithful to Him. I love to write, but . . . there are times the work seems endless and the compensation meager. And I lose heart.

When I’m thinking about the “work” and lack of reward it’s a dead giveaway that I’m not tuned in to God, but rather I’m thinking about me. When I set my heart on God He reassues me that He’s working in me and through me—using my efforts in His great plan. Just the idea of being included is mind boggling. I feel humbled and grateful and can barely believe that the God of the universe wants me to be part of what He’s doing. I feel swamped in His love and am honored to be counted as one of His children.

There are days, for us all, when we simply endure, push on, and obey. It is these times when God does His best work—refining us and stretching us beyond ourselves. And although we may not see the fruit of our labor it’s there. And a day will come when we stand before our Lord and we’ll see the wood, hay and stubble, but we'll also see the fruit and receive our reward.

If God calls us to something, we need to do it. The difficulty lies in believing in Him rather than in ourselves. It’s all part of growing up. Growth requires courage. Sometimes it hurts. It always requires endurance. The good stuff never comes easily.

My dear friends push on, be faithful and trust God, then wait expectantly for what He has in store for you. I’m sure it’s something spectacular.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Thanks for your very thoughtful and encouraging blogs, Bonnie. Roberta

  2. You're welcome, Roberta. I try to be transparent and share what God is showing me. Good to know it's encouraging to you.



  3. Sarah D.4:02 PM

    Hello, Bonnie,

    I think this is a great blog for high school and college students like myself. I'm 19, and I started going to community college this spring, and I still have no idea what my life plan or purpose is. Right now I'm just dabbling in prerequisites. :-)I like to believe that when God chooses something for us in life, even if we don't believe in ourselves, I believe that believing in God, as you said, means that we are believing in ourselves inadvertently. God wants us to be happy; He will choose something for us that becomes our passion. No matter how few the rewards may be, those few will still keep us going because they are worth it. I hope this is true for the path that any of us, including myself, may take. Thank you, Bonnie; and God bless.


  4. Hi Sarah.

    Thanks so much for writing. How exciting to hear about your desire to fulfill God's call on your life, especially at such a young age.

    I'm certain He has exciting adventures and challenges in store for you. It'll be an exciting ride so hang on.

    God's love to you,