Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Dream

Saturday mornings should be leisurely. I love to stay in my pajamas, cuddle up in my chair with a blanket and a cup of coffee and watch a movie. That kind of morning is rare and treasured. I lucked it out today and settled down to watch an old movie—October Sky. It’s the true story of Homer Hickman, the son of a Virginia coal miner, who was inspired by the first Sputnik launch to send off his own rocket.

He and three of his friends set out to fulfill a dream. Homer’s father and most of the folks in town see their vision as foolishness. The boys are ridiculed and made fun of, yet they persist. They have good analytical minds, but that is only a help in carrying them toward their goal. It’s tenacity, determination and the will to stand against the tide that makes the dream attainable.

Failure follows failure as the boys work toward their dream. But each explosion or misfired rocket teaches them something that enables them to plow toward success. In the end, they did succeed. Homer received a national science award, which opened educational doors and countless opportunities. He became a NASA scientist and was part of the team that put together our U.S. Shuttle program.

I love stories like this. Life is filled with challenges, successes and failures. For some, disappointments strengthen their resolve, but others are like a house made of straw—the slightest wind blows them down.

We give up on dreams intimidated or embarrassed by the opposition. It’s been my experience and that of history’s that those who persevere will accomplish great things.

In Homer Hickman’s life there were a handful of people who cheered him on, people who believed in him when no one else would. We need to stand with each other, pray for one another, encourage and cheer each other on toward our dreams.

Scripture tells us to uplift our brethren. Just as the Holy Spirit points us always to the Savior never toward Himself, may we also be more concerned with building up others rather than ourselves. There is great joy in witnessing the success of dreams fulfilled, even those who are held by someone else.

Grace and peace to you from God.

Bonnie Leon

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