Sunday, December 13, 2009

Quiet Moments With God -- Believe

Signs of Christmas are everywhere and gift ideas have been tumbling through my mind. What should I get for my husband, children and grandchildren? I’ve also been thinking about the greatest gift of all—Jesus Christ. What must it have been like to be Mary when she looked upon her son, God’s son? The Christ child lay in her arms only because she’d bowed her will to God. When she chose to obey did she know the sacrifices and heartache that lay before her?

We are all called to serve and I suppose our service may seem insignificant when compared to Mary’s. Nevertheless the work we do for God matters and impacts the world. When God calls us what do we think of -- Him or personal honor or self-fulfillent? Do we understand that offering our gifts often requires sacrifice, maybe even heartache?

I distinctly remember how I felt when it became clear that God had asked me to write. My first emotion was gratitude. I was overwhelmed by the privilege of serving God in this way, and I was filled with wonder that he’d chosen me.

I leapt into the new quest praising God every day for the privilege. It was a thrilling time. Words flowed onto the page and joy flowed from my heart. Then there was a book two and three and four and . . . somewhere along the way the joy became blurred by personal desires. Although I tried not to be self absorbed I’d glance at other writers who were more successful and wonder why not me? Had they worked harder? Maybe. Were they better writers? Some of them. And I asked, “Is this fair? I’ve worked hard too."

When I set out on my journey I didn’t know what would be required. We can't possibly see the whole picture when we begin an adventure. There is always the unexpected. When the excursion became more difficult than I’d anticipated and held fewer earthly rewards than I’d hoped for I lost sight of the calling.

Throughout the years, I've fought to keep my eyes on God and off of me. Although I clearly understand that man’s perspective of success differs greatly from God’s I still sometimes find myself fixated on man’s idea of the grand plan.

Writing can’t be about me. My walk with God can’t be about me. It’s all about Him. John 6:29 says, "The work of God is this; to believe in the one he has sent."

That’s my job—to believe. It’s not about my writing, marketing or book sales. My mind must remain with my Savior. I need to remember and to be thankful for his sacrifice and never forget that the greatest gift is belonging to Him. The rest will take care of itself.

So . . . dear brothers and sisters, where is your focus? Set your eyes upon The One who gave everything, and the tasks he gives shall unfold just as they should. Trust Him with everything you are and all that you do, and all will be as it should be.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. I Loved This Bonnie... I was reading myself here..
    Following the end of my first 29yr marriage I spent a few Christmases alone. I'd moved to another State after being warned by my ex to do so.
    Now at last, all of my children live close by. But Christmas and Easter can be the lonliest times without family. I often worked to overcome this.
    But my heart goes out to those who have no family OR dreadful!How sad! Those are the ones we need to reach out to in love....and give to.

  2. Amazing how he confirms the very thoughts of our hearts. Thank you, sister, for allowing him to use you. You are a blessing and a light to me!

  3. Crystal, thank you so much for sharing. You're such an encouragement.

    I'm so thankful for my family and look forward to spending the holidays with them. God has been good to me.

    I pray we'll be watching for those who need a touch, to be reminded that their life matters and that God loves them.

    Blessings to you friend,


  4. Miriam, you are so sweet. Thanks so much for writing and letting me know my words touched you.

    Love you dear friend.


  5. Thanks Bonnie. And a good time of year to remember where that focus should be.

  6. Hi Sheila. You're exactly right. These are perilous times. How good to know our Father sees it all and knows exactly what we need. We can rest in Him. Not so difficult to do if our hearts and minds are set upon Him. :-)

    Grace and peace to you,