Monday, December 21, 2009

Quiet Moments With God -- Be Still

I've been busy -- moving into another home, taking care of grandchildren, shopping, baking, admiring Christmas lights . . . and a long list of other tasks and privileges of the season. All the while, I've been considering what I ought to share with you here on my blog--what did God have to say to me?

"It is time to be still and listen."

That is what I will be doing a lot of in the days to come. I will contemplate the miracle of Christ and the unfathomable truth that God came into this world as a man to save His children.

As the season approaches quiet yourself before the Lord, listen and hear His voice, feel His spirit, know His love.

May His peace and His spirit fill your home this season.


I'll be back after the New Year . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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