Saturday, February 13, 2010

Quiet Moments With God -- God Whispers

This is a topic I've talked about before, but last weekend God gave me a powerful image of what it looks like to persevere. Our school district hosted a wrestling tournament. I spent the day in a school gym, watching boys battle for points and the ultimate pin.

I don't like wresting, never have. It's always seemed brutal. However since my grandson has taken up the sport I've grown to appreciate the strength and tenacity of wrestlers. I must admit I spend a good deal of time barely watching and praying while boys have their faces ground into mats, arms contorted so badly it seems they'll be torn out of sockets and their necks twisted in the most frightening positions.

Today while doing my best to keep my eyes on the matches the Lord whispered to me, "Watch and learn, see what I see." And then I saw something I'd been missing--tenacity, courage, strength and the refusal to give up. Many of the wrestlers, including my grandson, fight on even when all seems lost. They refuse to surrender.

My grandson didn't "win" all of his matches that day, but even when he "lost" he was a winner because he didn't give up. When matched against a boy three years his senior who clearly outweighed him, he kept fighting. I was impressed. While I watched I heard again that quiet voice of God whisper to me, "Don't give up."

God speaks and we need to listen. We face challenges and tasks that seem too difficult. We may even believe they're impossible to achieve. How will we know unless we fight on? Only then can we realize victory. It's in the battle that we gain strength, faith and knowledge that prepares us for the next contest.

Life holds a variety of rewards, but we'll only experience them if we're willing to take on challenges and fight for them. Many of the obstacles I encounter I've met before. They seem to be forever rising up to confront me. I've wanted to give up, thinking it can't be done. However, it will be easier now, for God has planted an image in my mind of a little boy in a wrestling hold that seems impossible to break free from. Yet, he makes a surprising move and not only breaks free, but wins the match.

All things are possible with God. We can do it. Fight on!

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. THanks. Nice analogy and valuable lesson.

  2. You're welcome, Sheila.

    God speaks to me in all sorts of ways. Since I started writing a devotional blog I've been paying closer attention. It's amazing how much I've been missing all these years. I'm sure He's still speaking a lot of the time when I'm not listening, but I think I'm getting better at it. :-)

    Blessings to you.

  3. What a wonderful illustration.
    Also like David..we must face our Goliaths. I'm glad you wrote this. I battle all the time yet somehow I didn't expect to hear a famous woman like yourself might do the same. Thank you for being very truthful. You inspire, me not to give up no matter what I feel..
    God bless you so much Bonnie.
    Hugs Crystal

  4. Hi Crystal.

    I love to hear from you. I love your transparency.

    And as to my own -- well, I'm just a sinner saved by grace. We all struggle. It's just that a lot of Christians don't want others to know. One of my favorite topics to teach is about wearing masks. If we're going help carry one another's burdens we need to let others know that we carry them.

    Love you, dear sister.


  5. Sarah D.4:58 PM

    Thank u for the past two blogs u have written. Both of them have hit home in my life quite amazingly. I never know how your blogs are going to talk to God is going to use them to talk to me, but I'm so glad I get these blogs in my email as pep talks. Thank u :-)


  6. Sarah, thanks so much for writing to let me. I'm so thankful that what I've shared has been helpful to you.

    I long to be close to God and I share what I feel he's helping me to see and understand about Him and the Christian walk.

    Praising Him for His goodness and grace.