Monday, March 07, 2011


Last week I wrote about following God and then yesterday at church our pastor touched on the reason why we follow. I've been thinking on it. "Why do I follow the Lord?"

Take a moment to pray and then ask yourself, "Why?" Contemplate and wait for the answer.

In the book of Mark Jesus made an interesting statement to evil spirits that fell down before him. He gave them strict orders not to tell anyone who he was. Why would he say that? Didn't he want people to know who he was?

Of course He did. But who does the telling matters. The enemy can't be trusted. The demons only wanted to infiltrate and offer alternatives to what Christ was teaching.

The people God wants to speak up about His Son and to spread the truth are
believers--Christ followers. And so we return to the question, "Why do we follow?"

With fear and trembling I walked down the path of self examination. Was it possible that I followed out of a sense of duty? Could it be nothing more than a habit? What about personal gain? Or do I follow because that's what people expect? I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone. I cringe at the truth that my motives are not always pure. The world tugs at me.

While I pondered the question of why my mind carried me back to a day when I first met the Lord. The day I knew and understood, for the first time, that He loves me. I was so overwhelmed by this powerful love that I cried and cried as His Spirit was poured upon me. I wanted to tell the world about the God who loves us just as we are. The God who allowed His son to die for us so we would have a place in heaven. I still want to tell others. I love Him because He first loved me.

I searched my heart and found the truth--I follow because I love Him. I love Him!

Why do you follow?

Grace and peace to you from God.


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