Monday, March 28, 2011

Quiet Moments With God: Just Do It.

We're all familiar with the statement, "Just do it." But have you asked yourself, what IT is?

In my reading this morning from My Utmost For His Highest Oswald Chamber's last statement is "Whatever He says to you, do it." The reference he uses is taken from John 2:5. "But his mother told the servants, "Do whatever he tells you."

As the story goes, Jesus was at a wedding in Cana and the hosts had run out of wine. Jesus mother told the servants to do whatever Jesus said. He asked them to fill stone jugs with water, a seemingly insignificant duty, yet the servants did as they were told. Mary submitted to Jesus and so did the servants. Jesus turned the water into wine, the best wine. It was his first miracle.

Sometimes it feels as if the Lord is telling us to do something we think makes no sense or is of no importance. Can you think of a time? What did you do?

Too often we ignore his instructions, and decide for ourselves that whatever it is can't be from the Lord or certainly can't be of much importance. He wouldn't ask us to do something insignificant. After all, what can be gained by doing something as simple as filling water jugs, or by gathering a few fish and loaves of bread to feed five thousand? Why waste our time? Serving Christ is never a waste of our time. It is always amazing.

However, my guess is we've missed out on lots of special moments and opportunities because we've tuned God out. We've forgotten who He is, and that even the little stuff matters--that all of His guidance is of value.

When you hear Him, listen. And then do whatever it is he asks of you. We're not the ones to decipher what matters and what doesn't, not in God's realm. Only He knows.

So, do IT, whatever it may be, and watch and see God's plans unfold.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Anonymous10:43 PM

    This also reminds me of Nathan. Remember he was so upset at what Elisha (Elijah) told him to do and said the rivers of his home area were better and cleaner than the Jordan. But what did his servant say to him: If he asked you to do some big task, you would have done it.
    What you said was so true. Just do what Gods asks you to do. Do the simple things. God wants us to be faithful.
    Julie of Idleyld Park

  2. So true, Julie. We have a tendency to believe all that matters is the "big" stuff.

    I heard from one gal, that we don't realize how important something as simple as a smile might be to someone we pass in the store.

    Sooo true. Let's love one another and keep our hearts tuned into God.