Friday, February 22, 2013

Thoughts For Today -- On the Move

Today, moving is on my mind. That's because in the last week one daughter and her family moved out of our house, another daughter and her family moved in and my husband and I moved out. It's been crazy.

My husband and I spent yesterday moving back into our nearly  new home that we built four years ago. We're still in process, but getting there.

All our married lives (that would be 41 of them) we've done a lot of moving. By our tenth year of marriage we'd moved sixteen times. Over the next couple of years we made a few more moves and then we stayed put while we raised up our kids.It felt good to set down roots, finally. However, over the last couple of years, moving has become part of who we are . . . again.

We've moved four times, and the interesting part about it is we've been moving back and forth between two different houses. I know . . . sounds crazy. We own both houses, which are really one home that is separated by a patio/breezeway. There's a good explanation for all this activity, but I'll spare you the details. All the moves had to do with family issues and were always for a good cause. But . . . we're done. At least we're going to do our best to stay put.

We used to be pros at moving. We had the process down pat. We could get a house packed up and ready to go in a couple of days, get on the road, unpack and have the pictures hung, house in order, be acquainted with neighbors and have an idea of which church we'd be attending, all within a couple of weeks.

That was then and this is now. My husband is sixty-three and I'm sixty-one. And moving is hard.

Today, we're exhausted and taking a break. There's still lots to do, though my house is looking pretty good. And I'm very happy to be back here. I love this house and plan to stay. I'm looking forward to spring and all the pots filled with flowers that will adorn my deck.

Sometimes people move out of necessity. Other times it's all about adventure. We used to move so often we actually had a moving theme song. When we'd get the house and kids all loaded up and were headed out of town, we'd sing Willy Nelson's song, "On the Road Again." It was fun to be on another adventure.

How do you feel about moving? Have you done much of it? Are you facing a move now? And do you have any moving hints that might make the whole process a little bit easier for some of us?

Just sitting back and enjoying the view.   : )

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Kristina8:12 PM

    So glad to be almost done. We are both settling back into our new homes (again, hehe) and relishing the coming spring and popping over for a cup of coffee in the morning with you and BBQ's relaxing on the family porch <3

  2. Good times, Kristina.