Monday, February 25, 2013

Quiet Moments With God -- A Light

This morning, I looked out my window and saw heavy gray clouds blanketing the sky. Ugh, I thought. A dreary beginning. 

It wasn't long before the sun cut through the clouds, and beams of heavenly light reflected off the deep green of the forest and the fields around my home Dreariness had been transformed.

But I noticed something else. The light revealed the depth of darkness in the clouds. Have you ever noticed how gray clouds can become black when contrasted by sunlight?

The intensity of brooding clouds is often not fully revealed until contrasted with brilliance. I'm certain God loves to reveal truth in nature. Just as sunlight shows us the darkness of the clouds so also God's Word reveals the truth of the Spirit as well as the depth of our sin. 

When the sun first made its appearance all I saw was its beauty, but when I fixed my gaze I saw the darkness. That's when I realized God had a lesson for me. I need to look beyond the things that please the eye and the heart. I need to look deeply into the truth--of God's Word, the lies of the world, and I need to look into my own heart. I must search for truth, even when what I discover is not lovely. 

There is no light without the Lord. He is all that is good about me. And yet, He has asked me . . . us to be a light to the world. Walking in the light takes courage. It lays bare our imperfections, but those imperfections reveal Christ who loves us, just as we are. And who teaches us to love one another, just as we are. And in so doing we reveal the miracle of God's love. And we become a light to the world.

Dare to be a light.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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