Friday, May 03, 2013

Thoughts For Today -- The Gift

My heart is full. The events from this past week still overwhelm my thoughts. I'm wondering how I will get any work done.

Monday my husband and I headed for Bend to join our son, Paul, and his wife, Brandi, for the birth of their first child. It was supposed to be a simple procedure with a blessed outcome. Hah! I have to laugh. I  still have so much to learn about God's ways.

It was not simple. But it was blessed.

That Monday morning, the induction was postponed from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM. It was hard to wait, but Greg and I had a really nice day with Paul and Brandi. Finally, the hospital called. It was time. While Brandi got settled in, we chatted for a bit, then knowing it would be many hours until our grandson made an appearance, my husband and I returned to our hotel to wait.

By the  next morning little had changed and worry set in. I'm well known for my abilities to imagine worst case scenarios. A good quality when it comes to creating stories, but not so great in real life. It'something God and I are still working on.

While my son and daughter-in-law labored together, supporting and loving one another, I felt agitated and concerned and my poor husband got the brunt of my worry. Mostly he rose above it. Thank you, Greg.

The day wore on, long and difficult, followed by an even more arduous evening. Hour upon hour followed but little Cy refused to join the world and there seemed to be real cause for concern. In the wee  hours of the second morning Brandi started running a high temperature and it was decided a C-section was needed.

We were all disappointed that the culmination of thirty hours of labor and the birth were marred by surgery. But all that changed when Cy's first cries were heard. He was here! And none of the rest mattered. God's love, wrapped up in the beauty of a newborn, had arrived in its own time and own fashion.

I learned more about myself and the brittleness that sometimes invades me when I'm under pressure. I don't like what I see. Me and God have work to do, still, always. I also learned more about loving one another -- though my husband and I need to work on loving better, he was gallant and helpful and I was thankful that I could lean upon him. And we witnessed the beautiful love that exists between our son and his wife. I will  not forget it. They are an example to us.

And of course there is Cy--our new and precious grandson. He doesn't understand how lucky he is to be part of a family that knows how to love, but one day he will and it will make him stronger and better.

Though this experience had its rough places it was beautiful and is forever imprinted in my heart and mind. I will recall it and be reminded what love looks like and how precious life is and I will be uplifted.

Welcome, Cy.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. I love the love on Brandi's face when she looks at Paul. Warms my heart.

  2. Anonymous7:24 PM

    I am so excited to hear your grandson arrived after much waiting. But, is Brandi okay now? Did te fever go away? Hope so. Cy is a precious baby boy. A gift from God, for sure. Do you have other grandchildren? I now have 12 grands and 19 greats. Was thinking about your family names.

    I've told you before that I loved your name for I had a sister that I was really close to named Bonnie. She went to be with God when only 47. I also have a granddaughter named Bonnie. One of my brothers was named Paul.. And, a nephew by the name Greg. Also have a cousin named Brandy. But,, no Cy. Just tho't this was neat. God bless you and all of your family. Maxie

  3. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing this special time. Thanking God with you for this beautiful grandson. Praying for God's continued blessings on you and your family.

    Ann Ellison

  4. Maxie, how fun. Our families share a lot of names. Cool.

  5. Ann, I love to share good news. It's such fun!

    Thank you for your prayers.

  6. Brandi and Cy are both well. No more fevers.

    They got to go home today. : )