Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Books & Writing: Waiting

I've been a writer for a good many years and one thing I know is that I don't know it all. There's always something new that comes along, something I thought I understood but realize I really don't get. 

BUT one thing I do know for sure is that writing is all about waiting. We wait for story ideas to formulate in our minds. We wait for guidance from readers and writers, hoping for word back that the brilliant idea we have is truly story worthy. And once the writing begins there are long gaps of time filled with everything but writing and we wait for time to jump back into our story. 

After the writing is done we wait to hear from critique partners, agents and editors. Is the work worthy of publishing? Once it is ready to send off to a publisher there is the agonizing wait for word from the senior editor and then the committee (most story proposals are accepted or declined by committee). Upon acceptance there is the process of pounding out a contract, followed by the editorial journey, which can take several rounds of changes. While all this is taking place a cover is being created and a writer waits to get the first glimpse of the cover that will introduce their story to readers. And finally we wait for the release date. 

But that's not the end of it. We also wait for reviews and to hear from readers. Is it a smash hit or a dud?

I'm not good at waiting. It can be excruciating. And the most painful wait for me is the wait to hear from publishers. Do they like it or do they hate it? Do they want to publish it? Waiting through this phase is agony.

That's the place I am now. The clock is ticking. I'm waiting. 

I don't know how I'd manage these kinds of waits if not for my faith in God. He supports me, stands with. He knows the beginning and the end of all things. He even knows about my book, the one I'm waiting to hear about. 

He knows. 

He's in control.

And so, I take a deep breath, entrust my work to 
Him . .  and I wait.

What is the hardest waiting place for you? And how do you manage  the wait?

Grace and peace to you from God,


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