Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Journey -- Summer Fun

Dad was using a light line here and finally had to shoot this
one to get it in.  Whatever it takes, right?

My father was a fisherman, not a once in a while kind of fisherman, but the kind who lives to fish. He had trouble thinking about doing much of anything else.

That is until he met my mother way back in 1945. Their romance was one for books, in fact I may tell their story one day.

Mom & Dad in 1945. Aren't they cute.
When my father asked my mother to marry him she said yes . . . but she needed his assurance that she and family came before fishing. My father agreed. He never went back on his word, though he continued to love fishing and went when he could.

Needless to say, fishing was part of my early childhood. I didn't love it the way Dad did or my brothers did, but when I think back to those days, fishing trips were some of the best times we shared as a family. I'm thankful my dad never gave up a sport he loved. When a person walks away from a passion out of a false sense of duty it can create resentment and barriers between people who love one another.My father was a wise man so instead of relinquishing his love of fishing he made it part of our life together.

Me. I thought this was a REALLY big fish. Hah!

Now, these are BIG fish - trout. Dad and the boys caught them at
Teslin Lake in the Yukon Territory.

One weekend's worth of fishing. I'm the cute one on the left.  "wink"
So, what does fishing have to do with my journey? For me, it's all about family, fun, the beauty of nature and respect for someone else's passion. And the delicious meals that came from our fishing expeditions. 

I still love to fish, though I don't get to go very often these days. However, we have plans for the summer to trek into the mountains with our children and grandchildren and launch our boat into a high mountain lake. We'll float around on quiet waters, lazing in the sun and wait for a bite on the end of our lines. There will be sweet time together, quiet conversations, laughter and with any luck plucky fish hauled on board the boat. And I expect unexpected difficulties and irritations as well. All precious memories to be stored away in our minds and our hearts waiting for just the right moment to be lifted into our consciousness. Treasures to uplift and inspire us or maybe simply to quiet us. Reflections for dark days or when we gather together for recollections.

The fun of creating memories and shaping spirits is part of our journey, even if it's something as simple as fishing. The richness of my family and all our adventures means I'll never run out of recollections. 

Thank you, Mom and Dad. 

What do you like to do for summertime fun? Or anytime fun?

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    ahhh, today was free fishing day here at SR--rand had to "work" it as he's part of the Angler's club. My son 'n grandson came to join in the fun--Even Evy went. Pretty fun stuff for ages from 3-98, like her! The lake was stocked and NOBODY went away empty handed. Grand Theo caught 8 and was thrilled!

  2. What a wonderful childhood memory! It's so neat to see how our time investment as parents makes such an impact in our kids' lives. And it doesn't have to be expensive trips to Disneyland or Hawaii ... Thank God! :) xo