Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Books & Writing - Top Ten Favorite Books

If I wasn't working as a writer I'd want to work in a book store or a library. I love books! All kinds of books. 

They take me places I've never been - open my mind to new ideas - draw me closer to God - give me courage to do more than I ever thought possible. The amazing thing is that I can do all that without leaving the safe haven of my comfy chair. I get to live out adventures, be carried along where I experience new times and places, and get to know the most interesting people. Sometimes, I even get to fall in love all over again. And there are books that renew my heart and mind, when I am given courage and hope.

I can't imagine a world without books. There was time when there was no written word and yet stories were handed down from generation to generation in the form of music, dance and the spoken word. I treasure story tellers.

My favorite genre is Women's Fiction and Historical Fiction, but it's always good to step out of one's typical read and try something new from time to time. I love books for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it's a powerful writing voice. It can be the story or the characters I fall in love with. I don't fully comprehend the mystery of what clicks in my mind and heart about a book, but I do know that those I love most captivate me and they have characters I care about, people I cry and cheer with.

I'm excited about stories - can you tell? 

I've listed my top ten all-time favorites. Making these choices was excruciatingly difficult. I love so many. When I decided to list only ten that meant leaving off  many books I absolutely love, but there just isn't room to list them all. So, here are my top ten picks . . . at least for today.

I hedged a little. There are eleven books on this page. The Shape of Mercy is at the top.  :-)
If you haven't read some of these books yet you might want to try them. I'd love to know what your favorites are. Please share with the rest of us.

I hope you find a way to fill your life with great stories.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Awesome titles, and I must say, I've read Burning Sky and I LOVED it. LOVED IT!!

    Thank you for this list, Bonnie.

  2. I agree, Jennifer. Burning Sky was awesome! Lori is a great writer. I can't wait for her next book.

  3. I absolutely loved the Shape of Mercy and Lori quickly became one of my new favorite authors with Burning Sky. So many great books here!

  4. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Thanks for this selection Bonnie. I love reading and rarely go anywhere without my ereader now. I loved "redeeming love". I'm a huge Maeve Binchy fan and one of my favorite books is "light a penny candle" also loved "circle of friends". My comfort read is Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice - I read it at least once a year. Your Alaskan Skies series is also up in my favorites list...I am going to be re-reading them soon :)
    Eagerly awaiting your next ebook!

  5. Good morning, Ollie.

    It's been a long while since I've read Pride and Prejudice, though I've watched the movie several times in the past year. I'd better pull out my copy of the book for a reread.

    So thrilled to hear my Alaskan Skies series made your favorite's list. :-)

    I'm working hard to get my next book completed. And we have one that is making the rounds to publishing houses. Would love your prayers for just the right house for it.

    Bless you.

    1. Anonymous1:47 AM

      I will pray for the right publishing house to pick up your book. Also that God blesses you and your writing. Ollie xx

  6. Thank you so much, Ollie.