Sunday, October 06, 2013

Quiet Moments With God - Fight

Do you remember the movie, Rocky? It had some great messages about perseverance and fighting for what matters. 

Sometimes we're like Rocky Balboa. We have to go after what we want. We have to fight for joy. Fight to experience the goodness of life. 

This morning (Sunday) I crawled out of bed and I felt like anything but fighting for my life. I just wanted to pull the blankets up over my head and return to the oblivion of sleep. I was still tired. My throat hurt. My body ached. And my back . . . well I don't even want to go there. My special husband got me a cup of coffee and I curled up with a blanket and a heating pad. I wasn't going anywhere - no church - no time with Mom.

About an hour later, I convinced myself to at least shower. Maybe it would make me feel better. 

I think the Holy Spirit encouraged me to get up off the sofa because when I stepped out of the shower I did feel better. I hurried, as much as I am able, to get dressed. I was running late if I wanted to make church. I finished putting on some makeup, but I still needed to blow dry my hair. I was never going to make it on time. My husband headed out saying he'd save a seat for me in church. (He and I planned to go in different ways after the service, so separate cars.)

I managed to arrive about ten minutes late, but not too late for God. I was already thankful I hadn't pulled the blankets up over my head. The worship and teaching blessed me. And I could barely feel my sore throat and aching body. I think the joy chased them right out of me.

After the service ended, my husband set out to take care of some business and I headed for the store. I had to do some shopping. When I had that completed I joined my mother at Oak Park, where she lives. Together, we joined other residents for the worship service held in the fireside room. The music reached right into my heart and eased the tensions of life. And God's Word soothed the longing in my spirit. 

Afterward, Mom and I watched a fun movie together and then I joined my husband for dinner out.

What had begun as a horrible, awful day became a thing of beauty and blessing. And I nearly missed it. If I hadn't listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit when he nudged me I'd have spent the day feeling miserable at home. Thank you, Holy Spirit!

How many beautiful blessings have I missed because it seemed simpler to do the "easy" thing. The enemy tries to convince us that church fellowship isn't that important. He tells us that worship and the teaching of the Word isn't that big a deal. And why see family today? There is always tomorrow. 

Is there? How do we know? Today might be the only day - a chance to fill up our souls with love and goodness or to fill up someone elses.

Today wasn't the first time I've had to fight to keep moving, keep living. Each morning I do battle. And I fight on. I urge you to fight for life's joys and unexpected surprises. Don't miss out!

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous12:34 AM

    I feel encouraged by your post today Bonnie, thank you. I also have to sometimes 'fight' for my days and know the feeling of waking up and knowing I'm going to have a difficult day. I'll never forget once when I wasn't feeling very well and I still went to work (as a community nurse). I was visiting a lovely elderly lady who thanked me for making her day with my smile and caring for her. On a good day this is a nice complement but coming on this particular day it was so special. I'm glad you were able to achieve what you wanted to that day Bonnie, isn't God great? He really does help me cope and knows exactly what I need :)

  2. Ollie, you are so right - God is great! And so thankful for the special moments when He uses us to bless others. And when others bless me - like you did today.

    Grace and peace to you.