Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Today's Thoughts - Let's Link Arms

This morning a dear friend of mine posted reasonable fears and frustrations about her job and lack of income because she works for the government, and beginning today she would have to work without pay. In her Facebook post she included the political party she blamed for the shut down. As you can guess, her timeline lit up with responses. Her page was hijacked and I was one of the hijackers. I feel badly about doing that and decided if I wanted to post my thoughts I should do so on my own site.

So, this is how I feel about the government shut down and the Affordable Care Act.

As I watch all the finger pointing name calling I feel sick. I do not think this is one political party's or one person's or even one president's fault. We want to blame someone because we don't want to accept any of the blame, but we're all in this together. America is, after all, about We the People. At least we used to be. 

We are responsible to educate ourselves on the issues of the day and to vote with our minds and our hearts. One or the other alone is not enough - we need both sound thinking and compassion.

I am a Republican, but that does not mean I agree with everything the Republican party does. Nor am I against everything the Democrat party does. I am for the American people. 

Years ago while writing the Sowers Trilogy I was impressed by the people of the United States who lived through the 1930's Great Depression. The people of the time weren't perfect, they were just people which means we're full of self. But as I read through historical accounts of those days I saw heroism, courage and neighborliness. Most did not shirk their duties. Most reached out to others in need. Americans pulled together to survive. 

How far we have fallen.

Today, too many of us are dependent on our government. We tear one another apart. We refuse to be accountable for our actions. And so many of us are far from God. We've forgotten or never knew what it feels like to walk with Him, to take His hand, listen to His words of wisdom and make that love and wisdom part of who we are. 

We were better once.

I want our leaders to remember why they lead. Leadership is not about self. It's about serving others. Those folks in Washington DC are supposed to have America's best interests at heart. They are not there just to get re-elected. They are not there to wield power. The greatest man who ever walked this earth was a servant. 

I plead with our leaders to remember where they've come from and who they serve and why.

The other big change in the news is the Affordable Care Act. I'm not a supporter of this bill. 

I do not want to see socialized medicine here in the United States. It sounds good, but in the long run people receive lower quality care and there will be fewer doctors, which means there will be long waits for care. We don't have to look far to see how it does NOT work. So, what do we do? Too many Americans are going without the medical help they need.

I'm convinced that if the people of our nation would work together our brilliant minds could come up with a solution. There is so much more power in arms that are linked than in arms that are folded across arrogant chests. 

What happened to our volunteers?  So many holes could be filled by those willing to give away a little of their time. There are gifted doctors, nurses, dentists who have time to give. Retirees volunteer in all sorts of positions, why not contribute some of that time to those who can't afford to pay for medical or dental care? Or those who just need someone who cares?

And Americans, what happened to personal responsibility? If I receive services from a care giver I need to be responsible and pay for those services, even if it means I go out to dinner or a movie less often. Or give up my satellite television or my smart phone. I'm responsible to pay. Not my neighbor, not my government - me.

I'm going to apologize to my friend for joining the crowd on her Facebook page and refrain from jumping in anywhere else. And I welcome comments and ideas here. 

But if you name call or use profanity I will delete your comment.

We can be better. Believe it. I pray Americans will spread around lots of love and a lot less venom.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    I don't think it can be stated much clearer than you just stated it. We have become a nation of I am owed everything and shouldn't have to work for anything. That is not the values you and I were taught and I hope I have taught my values to my children and my grandkids. You are right in that we need to quit pointing fingers and join together in love and see what changes we can make.

    Ann Ellison

  2. Thank you, Ann, for your support and for doing all you have to parent well. Our country is in trouble. We need to pray fervently and live out our faith in the day-to-day.

    Grace and peace to you.