Friday, May 16, 2014

The Journey - The Next Step

The last several months have been jam-packed with struggles, some have been exciting and even fun but others have been the detestable type. Most recently, Greg and I moved and before our furniture had found its place in our new home we had to move my mother. I'm grateful my sister and brother were here to help. 

Mom is in her new digs and all of her things are either with her or packed away. I'm resting today and will do some writing. This quiet eddy feels really good.

All that has happened in recent months brings to mind a personality trait of mine that I'm not crazy about. It came up in a snippet of conversation I had with my sister yesterday. I've been a worrier most of my life. I'm a worse-case-scenario kind of gal, which is good when I plot stories, but not so good in real life. 

This morning, while reading a devotional, God shone a light on this weakness and He provided a solution. In "Jesus Calling" it said Trust Me to show you what to do when you have finished what you are doing now. I will guide you step by step, as you bend your will to Mine. Thus stay close to Me on the path of peace.

I went on to read the selected portion of scripture from Luke 1:79. "to shine on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the path of peace."

I felt the Lord nudging me and reminding me life doesn't have to be one big worry. All I need to do is bend my will to Him and then allow Him to show me the next step. I don't have to know everything. I don't have to figure out a plan. I just need to take the next step and trust God to guide me into His place of purpose and peace.

This worrier is going to do her best not to try to figure out all the possibilities, but rather ask the Lord what's next and then do what He suggests. It's time to leave my worries with God and let Him lead.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous8:23 PM

    we need that wisdom here, too---we are all questioning God at this point where it all seems so impossible with a 99 yo--and why, God? What for all this pain/suffering at such a late stage? She wants HIM and HOME soooo bad, and these days are tough. What does He want from her? Yep, she's resting in Him--not much else one can do. So, we don't worry. No sireee! We'll just sorta whine 'n fret... !!! :)33

  2. Sometimes we just don't know why God's directing us in a direction that makes no sense to us. But he knows and as the scripture says, "His ways are not our ways."