Friday, January 08, 2016


It is one of those especially beautiful days here on our small mountain in Southern Oregon. The sun shimmers off distance hills and illuminates the forest with life. It's the kind of day when I want to do nothing but gaze at our incredible view. 

There was an extra drop of special today. A golden eagle sailed across the sky, riding the wind currents above the forested hills. I hurried out to my deck to get a better look. Eagles are something special here - we seem them only occasionally.

While I watched this magnificent bird soar above the forest I was taken back to a small home group years ago when my pastor asked a simple question. "Do you want to be an eagle or a parrot?"

My first reaction - An eagle of course! But as I considered more carefully I wasn't so sure. 

Eagles are courageous. They do things like dive off cliffs or tree tops. They use their skill and strength to survive, and make powerful dives toward earth to capture  a meal. And they let the currents carry them into the clouds. They don't pretend to be anything other than what they are - they hit life straight on, meeting each challenge with boldness.

I'm not so certain an eagles qualities are anything like mine. And I ask, "Do I really want to be an eagle?" If I were a parrot I could remain safely in a cage. My owner would make sure I had enough to eat and drink and might even spend sweet time with me. I wouldn't have to be courageous. All I'd need to do is what was expected of me.

I don't want to offend parrots or those who love them. They are beautiful birds. But if I must choose - eagle or parrot - I don't want to settle for a cage where nothing is expected of me. I want to be an eagle.

There's a problem with that - I'm not always strong or courageous. I don't like heights. And diving into life is scary ... actually it can be terrifying. 

I can't be an eagle, at least not if I must depend upon myself to do it. I am too weak. But God promises me that where I am weak he is strong. He tells me I am never alone. When I leap I can trust him to be there and lift me into the heights. 

As I step into the coming year I think about what it will look like if I am an eagle, and I challenge myself to charge ahead and soar. And what comfort there is inn knowing that I won't be alone.

How about you? Would you rather be an eagle or a parrot?

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Thinking about this...if I was an eagle I could fly and I don't think I'd have an issue with heights if I could fly. I would love to go soaring! But, as you said, this would only be possible if the Lord gave us wings!

  2. Anonymous9:46 PM

    God loves parrots, too! He made 'em pretty darn special, smart, and sassy! I know one named Joshua and he has quite a good, great life and is not in his cage except for bedtime. His mom is now 82 and worried--cuz Josh can live long past her--to age 80, and nobody in her family wants him after she dies. I enjoy his colorful little self, but I don't want him either. Sad sad... we'll see what happens! But I'm stickin' to being a happy, colorful parrot who can chat 'n sing 'n laugh all day vs soar around looking for things to devour!

  3. Eagle so I can see the beautiful views.

  4. Eagles certainly are beautiful birds, especially pictured wild and free, but you're comparing wild and free to caged and who wouldn't rather be wild and free? :) Some eagles (in zoos) are also caged and depend on 'owners' and probably get none of that sweet time with 'people'. Wild and free parrots also soar in the rain forests :) They are very personable birds that seem to like groups, like they enjoy visiting, while eagles seem like loners. And parrots are so beautiful with all their bright colors. Eagles eat meat...parrots are more vegetarian, aren't they?

    So if I choose between wild and free eagle or wild and free parrot, I choose parrot :) If I choose between caged eagle and caged parrot, I choose parrot. If I chose between one that is caged and one that is wild and free, I choose wild and free :) Every time, no matter which bird it is.

    By the way, Bonnie, I always have said if I weren't a human, I'd love to be a bird :)
    Hugs and blessings!

  5. Love your thoughtful comments.

    And Patti I think you would make a lovely parrot.