Sunday, October 22, 2006


We maneuvered the winding highway through the Shasta National Forest and anticipation filled me. When we stopped in the small mountain town of Weed my eagerness intensified. We were almost home!

While high in the Siskiyou Mountains we passed a sign that said, Welcome to Oregon. We’d arrived in our home state and it felt good. Yet, the best was yet to come. We descended into a valley north of the Siskiyou Mountains where golden hills cast in shadows and surrounded by forests welcomed us.

We continued north, navigating familiar mountains. The evergreens were taller, their girth greater and the forests were dense with Douglas Fir and Cedar. The final few miles we traveled from Roseburg to Glide were a balm to my need for home. Sheep and cattle grazed on honey-colored hills, and the colorful oak and dark thick forests shouted HOME!

In spite of all the grandeur, beauty, and fascinating people and sites we’ve encountered the last three weeks, there’s just no place like home. Fall arrived while we were gone. The air is cool and smells of evergreens and overripe blackberries. Before leaving for church this morning, I stepped onto my front porch and savored the morning crispness and the mists hanging over the meadow in front of my house.

As I contemplate our journey it’s clear to me God favored us with His presence and His mercy throughout our adventure. He revealed to us so much of Himself and His creation. We felt His protection and took comfort in the prayers of our friends.

A cross country trip may seem a small thing to some, but I’m changed. Travel isn’t easy for me. My body sometimes betrays me. But every ache and pain was worth the insight, wonderment, pleasure and knowledge I gained. God’s hand is truly upon this country, and we are blessed to live here.

I learned many lessons on this trip and praise God for allowing me to go. I know better how much he loves me, just as I am. And my confidence in Him has amplified.

May you know the joy and wonderment our glorious God offers to each of us.



  1. Hi Bonnie, This is Ernie (from OCW). I saw Ann Saturday and she told me of your new website. It's wonderful. I love the home page. Also, congrats on getting Wendy Lawton for an agent. My book is still with Bill Jensen, so still waiting to hear positive results. Have a great day, Ernie.

  2. Anonymous1:54 PM

    Dear Bonnie, what a wonderful trip! Thanks for writing and keeping us updated. I also think your picture at the top is gorgeous! Not that it matters, as the inside of you reflects even greater beauty.

    Christina Berry

  3. My mother-in-law introduced me to your book and I have fallen in love with your characters! I am reminded as I read of God's love and grace he gives us each day! Thank you for the inspirational stories!