Monday, March 31, 2008

Quiet Moments With God--Crazy Drivers

Over the weekend I made a trip to Seattle and back, traveling more than 800 miles. I’ve made the trek many times, but this time it was an enlightening experience. Before I left home I asked God to reveal something new to me or to show me something familiar with new eyes. He’s faithful to answer our prayers, and He didn’t let me down.

The weather was spectacular on my way up, rain, hail, snow, wind, sun . . . a little of everything. The trip was definitely not boring. However, my focus was on my destination and I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the gorgeous surroundings.

As I approached Tacoma, heavy traffic socked in travelers. Some drivers seemed to have a death wish, diving in and out of lanes. Soon we no longer raced along, but slowed to a crawl and finally stopped. The minutes ticked by and frustration set in. I had a bit of a melt down. I just wanted to get to my daughter’s, get out of the car and away from all the “crazies” on the road.

Three days later I headed home, shamefully remembering my terrible attitude when I’d arrived. Again, the weather was spectacular. There were stacks of gray and white clouds that looked like piles of pillows. Others were black walls filled with moisture. Wind buffeted my car, and a mix of snow, rain, and hail pounded my windshield and flooded the highway. Unexpectedly the sun would burst through the mounded mountains of clouds, turning open fields to emerald green and gold. Hillsides and forests were cloaked in white from recent snowfalls. It was a spectacular display of God’s handiwork.

Most drivers were not focused on God’s creation. Instead they gripped steering wheels and kept their feet hard on gas pedals. Most flew past me, intent on their destination and unaware of the journey.

More than once I was forced to move into the fast lane to get around a snail-moving truck or trailer. It usually took only a moment before another car came up behind me to ride my bumper, pushing me to hurry. God whispered, “That’s all right. Just pull into the slow lane and let him pass. You enjoy the view.”

I did and found myself praising God. He had created this immeasurable beauty and most human beings didn’t even notice. He offered a gift and we couldn’t take the time to even look.

My trip home was filled with worship and intimate fellowship with God. It was a blessed time, unlike my excursion north.

God loves to display his splendor; He understands that it ministers to our hearts and draws us closer to Him. In the future, I hope to spend fewer hours being one of the “crazy” drivers and instead be a blissful sojourner on God’s highway.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Sometimes I find it very disappointing when I'm driving that I can't take in all the scenery around me. Drivers can be crazy people, can't we? It seems like we become someone else when we get behind the wheel.
    When I'm on my own, sometimes I stop on the side of the road for a look, and to let those on my tail go past.
    God Bless.

  2. I'm with you, Beth. Sometimes you just have to stop and REALLY look.

    I think God smiles when we do.