Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tips for triumphant living -- Don't just do something, sit there.

Society says keep busy. We feel compelled to race about and do something, anything. But the best thing we can do is to be still and listen . . . listen to the voice of God. Some of what we do is good and productive and necessary, but too often we carelessly charge forward and then miss the best while settling for good.

The story of Martha and Mary and their different approaches to life is an excellent example of the choices we make. Although Martha was doing something good her busyness kept her from experiencing the best. In the end, it was Mary who reaped the greater reward.

So . . . let us slow down and give heed to what God has to say. He speaks to us in the beauty all around, in the voice of a loving friend, through His Word and in the quietness of our hearts. And oh how he loves it when we listen!

Grace and peace to you from God,


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