Friday, March 26, 2010

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Listen to Others

After returning home from a five day research trip I expected to spend a day resting, then get back to work on my latest novel. I should have known better than to plan.

My husband and I picked up my mother on our last day of the trip so she could spend a few days with us. Mom's a sweet woman who appreciates life and having her with us is a gift.

Even with her here, I'd planned to spend some time working. After all, having one extra person in the house doesn't change things too awfully much. I figured there'd be plenty of time for work and pleasure. However, my household of three was about to change.

My youngest daughter had been sick for several weeks and was finally diagnosed with pneumonia. She was too sick to care for herself and her children so it was decided they ought to stay here where Sarah could rest and I could take care of the kids.

My son was also due to arrive for a visit with us and his grandmother. We love having him here. And we were scheduled to drive my mom to the train depot in Eugene (a couple hours north) on Sunday.

In true "Bonnie style" I tried to keep up with writing my book, socializing, caring for my daughter, baby-sitting, cooking . . . and everything else. I could feel my book deadline looming so I kept pushing to "do it all". My husband knows me well (after all we've been a couple for forty-one years). He knew I was about to miss out on the special opportunities of family time that I'd been given because I refused to let go of the work of writing.

Kindly but firmly he told me to put the writing aside. Perfectly sensible advice. I shouldn't have needed to be told. But until he spoke I couldn't give myself permission to do the best thing for me and everyone else. He helped me see my priorities--the people I love. The work would get done, but the days with my family would come and go and once gone I couldn't get them back.

I thank the Lord for giving me a wise husband. The moment I decided to listen to him and made the decision that work could wait I felt at peace. I had a couple more days with my mom, puzzle making and games with my grandchildren, a good visit with my son and, although I was concerned about my very ill daughter, it felt good to care for her. She's on the mend, the way.

Sometimes it takes the voice of someone else to help us make wise choices. Listen to others, they may be making sense.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. You have a very wise husband, Bonnie. And you were a wise woman to listen to him.

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    What a good man! And you were a good woman to listen to him! love ya, patti iverson

  3. Julie, I'm so thankful for my husband. God knew what He was doing when He put us together. :-)



  4. Patti, he is a good man. We've hung together through the ups and downs. Love him lots.