Friday, April 02, 2010

Quiet Moments With God -- Remember Christ

Many people are struggling. Some fight to make it through one more day. We face financial hardships, illness, aging parents, betrayal and loss of hope and disappointments of all kinds. Our burdens are many and it's easy to get caught up in the uncertainty and anxiety of the world.

We've just been through Good Friday, a day to remember Christ's sacrifice, and then Easter, a day to rejoice.

Jesus walked the way of sorrows and allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross. Very near death he said, "It is finsihed." Our sin has been paid in full, covered by His blood. To receive, we only need to believe.

And on Easter, the day He rose, we rejoice. He covered our sin with His own blood and now waits for us in heaven. He has promised us a place at His table. His sacrifice destroyed the tactics of the enemy and we now have unending days waiting for us.

Our time on this earth is only a blip in eternity. Todays sorrows are less than that.

On Sunday, our pastor talked about many things, but something that stuck with me was his description of the disciples sacrifices and deaths. Some were crucified, even upside down, others beheaded, one stoned, another killed by spears, one exiled. But they would not renounce Christ, because they had seen all that had happened. They knew, they believed--not because of something they'd heard, but because of what they'd experienced--Christ.

In light of this my present sorrows seem small. I carry my hurts and fears to God and I know He cares, but I have not even begun to give what these men of God offered. I am the recipient of their sacrifices and of the greatest sacrifice of all.

Life is full of hope and joy because of Jesus. One day God will carry me home and then I will see clearly how man hours I've spent contemplating the wrong things. I will leave my possessions of this earth behind and will be caught up into heaven with my Lord pure and blameless because of Him.

There is nothing I can do to gain this gift, except to believe in Christ. It is He that should be foremost in my mind and heart, not my troubles.

All will be well. Never forget what has been given for us--remember Christ.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Even with all today's wind and rain, Easter Monday's still a good time for quiet moments with God. Thanks for the reminders of all that Easter means.

  2. Hi Sheila.

    I love to hear from you. Thanks for blessing my Monday.

    We've had a lot of wind and rain too, but I've always loved the wind and I'll take the rain--green is a beautiful color. :-)

    Grace and peace to you,