Friday, April 01, 2011

Topic of the Day: April

Today is April 1st. It's always been a special day in my family. It's my youngest sister's birthday. Sadly we lost her to lupus many years ago, but the day of her birth never arrives that I don't think of her. Mom always said that Leslie played a practical joke on her by arriving three weeks early and on April Fools Day.

As youngsters we always had fun trying to fool one another. We'd do our best to be creative, but we had a running joke every year that had to do with our neighbors' cows and a poorly built fence. Occasionally the cows would get out and into our garden. On the morning of April 1st we'd act distraught and run to tell our father that the cows were in the garden again. He'd grab a pitchfork and run to head them off. We tricked him the first couple of years and then he caught on, but he still played along.

For me April 1st is a day that symbolizes the beginning of spring. I envision sunshine, daffodils, singing birds and trees filled with blossoms. And on this April 1st, God blessed me with all of that plus boisterous frogs and grazing deer, some with rounded tummies. Soon we'll have spotted, wobbly legged fawns standing alongside their mothers. I love spring!

April is also a time when I think of Christ--His death and resurrection. Easter usually falls sometime during the month of April. Like spring, Christ offers hope and promises of better days.

When April arrives life seems rich with hope and it speaks of warm summer days to come. A date can't promise anything, but there's something about sunshine and the sweet smell of cut grass that helps us leave behind the frigid winter. Like the seasons we have our bitter times, and then the Son comes out and brings brighter days with Him.

I'm making plans for a garden this year and I can't wait to get my fingers in the dirt. I love to be part of the miracle of new life.

How do you feel about this day? Did you prank someone? Do some gardening? Or are you making plans for the upcoming summer? No matter what, I pray you've had a special April 1st and that you even managed to pull a prank or two on someone you know.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. First, my codolences on the loss of your sister. Even though it was years ago, I am sure that you still feel the loss keenly at times. I'm glad that you have fun memories to look back on.

    I saw my first robin yesterday -- even though we still have snow on the ground in places and our weather has been up and down temperature wise. I think it must be a good omen to see the first robin on the 1st day of Spring!

    I'm planning my garden too. Bought my first gardening magazine of the season. Sigh. Now, to just transform my yard into one of Better Homes and Gardens double page spreads!

  2. Hi Kav.

    Good to hear from you. Sometimes it's hard to believe Leslie is gone. She died way too young, but she left a powerful history. I hope to write about it one day.

    Here, a funny sign of spring are vultures. They leave in the fall and are one of the first birds to return in spring. We started seeing them a few weeks ago and knew our weather would change soon.

    Today we've had rain, snow, hail and sunshine. A typical spring day. :-)

    Blessings to you and enjoy your garden.

  3. Vultures!! Good grief. Is it cuz there's new baby animals to eat? Oh my! I lost 3 of my siblings to death--it is a sorrow that does stay in your heart, but God is a good healer of hearts and makes the memories good ones & sweeps away the bad ones to the dark corners. I have never done a joke or fooled anyone nor even tried! Must not have a funny bone in my body. Oh well... I'm perfectly fine with that fact but chuckled about your tricking your dad--or rather, him tricking you and playing along in love! G'nite!

  4. Patti,

    I think the vultures return is more about the weather or an inner time clock. They are ugly close up, but s beautiful in flight.

    I can't imagine having lost three siblings. I'm so sorry. That is a great heartache.

    More and more of my loved ones have gone on to heaven. The idea of our reunion is getting exciting. I'm not crazy about the process of death, but the reward once we pass -- priceless. : - )


  5. Jayne Noble8:29 AM


    My mother wass an April fools baby also. She passed away 3 years ago, after suffering from Alzheimers. April 1st always prompts my siblings and I to call one another and wish a "Happy Moms Birthday". Her passing was a blessing, as she was a dear christian women who was no longer who she once was due to the Alzheimers. It really was a homegoing! PTL
    Happy Spring & enjoy your gardening.


  6. Hello Jayne.

    I'm so sorry you lost your mother from a terrible disease, but so absolutely grateful that she is with The King and that you are certain of a reunion.

    What a wonderful tradition you and your siblings have--calling to wish a Happy Mom's Birthday to one another. Clearly she was loved and a blessing to you all, as you are to her.

    All glory to God!