Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Quiet Moments With God -- He Has A Plan

God is persistent. I love that about Him. Whenever He's trying to make a point or get me to see something important I'll hear His truth from all sorts of sources and usually in a short period of time, which helps to make the point.

This morning when I opened my devotional, these were the words meant for me today. "Your life path has been difficult, draining you of strength. Come to Me for nurture. Let Me fill you up with My presence. I in you and you in Me."

I in you and you in Me. Me and God together. Love that.

Last night during our group study this truth was one of those God meant for me to hear. The study was filled with nuggets of truth, but when we turned to the story of the pilgrims it was as if God reached into my heart. Called by God, Puritans fought religious persecution. They set sail for America, convinced that God had called them to the new world where they could honor Him and bring glory to Him without persecution. It would be a new beginning.

They set off on a difficult journey, convinced they'd been set on a new path by God. They could do nothing less than obey. I can't even begin to imagine how much courage it took for them to leave everything they knew and sail across a broad and dangerous sea. They landed in Plymouth in 1620 and that first winter half of the people died. In the spring, the captain of the ship that had brought them to the new land begged them to return to England. Not a single one left. They would stay even if it cost them their lives. God's strength and their convictions held them steady as they stood against unbelievable hardships. They knew in whom they believed. And I think they understood they were part of a much bigger story. We all are part of that same story.

No matter how difficult our journey, when we are called by God we must push on, trusting that He has us in the palm of His hand. He knows where and why He has called us.

Have you considered why you do what you do? And whom you serve? God will help each of us fulfill our calling, but we need to remember who we are. We are His. And He has called us to become part of the greatest story ever written.

What role are you meant to play?

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Bonnie, thank you for these thoughts. Sometimes, the calling may not be what the people around us expect. It certainly takes a lot of prayer and soul-searching to discern it. I'm doing some of that now.

  2. Rosslyn, how good to see you here.

    Decisions about which way to travel and when can be difficult to know. There are so many choices. But we can be certain God is not confused. I'm convinced that if we truly want to know His will for our lives He will reveal it. Then "all" we have to do is to do it. Easy, huh?

    Wait for His peace.

    I'll pray for you as you seek out the path God has chosen for you.

  3. Oh -- Once again I needed this in the worst way, Bonnie. It's like you're ministring to me. The devotional piece you chose to share:

    "Your life path has been difficult, draining you of strength. Come to Me for nurture. Let Me fill you up with My presence. I in you and you in Me."

    This is my life right now and I realized as I read it that while I go to Him, I'm not waiting around to be nurtured. I definitely need some retreat time in the worst way.

    Bless you for sharing this right when I need it most.

  4. Kav, I pray you will find quiet time--just you and the Lord. He longs for that even more than you do.

  5. Hi Bonnie!
    Awesome post! I love that God does not release us to fumble around and try to figure life out. I've had a few things that, like Rosslyn said, God called me to that I had some opposition on. One was foregoing having children of our own so we could foster/adopt. This caused much worry and a little opposition from our parents, and much confusion from our church members and friends. But now that our sweet girl is here and we're close on adopting her, I think people are seeing the plan God had all along. As always, it's the waiting and trusting in the plan for what feels like an extended period of time that is the hardest.

  6. Kristen, you're doing well. I've had a lot more than a few oppositions to God's plan. He's had a real time with me. I'm still learning and I know He loves me, but I can see Him shaking his head and saying, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. When will you learn?

    And what wonderful news about your little girl. I can't wait to see pictures.

    Hugs to you.