Monday, April 04, 2011

Quiet Moments With God: Is He Big Enough?

I have a prayer book. It's just a tablet that I've divided into days of the week. I pray for certain needs on different days and I have a section for special needs that a pray for everyday. In the back of my booklet I have answered prayers listed. They are a wonderful reminder when I'm feeling discouraged and wondering what's up or where's God?

Today is Monday and as I usually do I started down my list of prayer needs. When I came across a particular person I've been praying for, for quite some time without any outward evidence of change, I felt a niggle of doubt. Could God really change this person? Maybe it was time to remove him from my requests.

The Holy Spirit caught me up right away, reminding me that nothing is too difficult for God. I know the person I'm praying for has a free will of his own, but God isn't about to give up on him and neither should I.

This issue of prayer is something of a mystery to me. I know God knows it all, that He doesn't need me, but. . . He tells me to pray. I know that my time with Him is enriching and His Word says He wants to spend time with me. But . . . as to answered prayer--that's up to God. All I can do is what He asks of me--to pray. And so I do.

We all have needs, hopes and dreams. We pray and sometimes it feels like God isn't listening or He doesn't care. But God always answers with either a yes, a no or wait. We need to accept His will. He always knows best.

In the matter of this young man I'm praying for I know I'm praying God's will because I'm asking that he fall in love with Jesus and accept Him as Savior. God's Word is clear about that--He wishes that none would perish.

I will continue to pray and hope that one day this young man will see that God loves Him so deeply that He gave His own Son for him. The moment he believes, he will become a new creation and there will be rejoicing in heaven.

Just like this young man, I was once lost, thinking I had no value, no purpose. And then I met Christ. I'd been longing for Him, only I didn't know He was what I needed. I never told anyone how alone I felt. But a good friend had the courage to share the truth with me and I was changed. Now my life is filled with the love of God and the hope He offers. I wonder who was praying for me.

Thank you dear saint for your faithfulness. I'm never alone, never lost and always under the Shepherd's care.

Do you have something or someone you've been praying for and it seems God's not listening? He is. He knows our thoughts, our dreams and passions and He understands our hearts.

He loves us.

Trust Him.

Keep praying.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. As usual you hit home, Bonnie. I've actually gone through periods of my life where I haven't prayed about anything specifically because I've felt it was pointless. God's going to do what He wants to do and I'm not going to like it. LOL.

    Now I see His wisdom in some circumstances that I've come through and grudgingly have to give Him His dues. He was right. His way was better.


    There are still other situations that seem impossible to me and I fear my prayers are more 'why' then 'thou will be done'. That's what I struggle with the most. Letting go and letting God.

    There are a few people very dear to me who I pray for always -- they are so lost from the truth that I don't know how to reach them. I guess the point though is, that I don't have to -- God does. And -- the hardest part of all -- for God too -- is that these children of His have their own free will to make whatever choices they want. He planned it that way.

    But I do believe we can lifte one another up in prayer so I keep praying. Oddly enough the person I find hardest to pray for is me. I'm such a contrary daughter! But I keep trying.

  2. Kav, thank you for the courage to be transparent and share what you really feel. All Christians have those same struggles--we just don't like to talk about them. Trusting God isn't always easy. I know that well.

    But as you've said, He is right. His way is best. Always. Sometimes I just hang on to the Lord for dear life.

    And I've watched Him work in the lives of those I thought would never come "round to God's way of thinking.

    Keep praying. When we were lost in our sins, the Holy Spirit drew us. Nothing is to difficult for the Lord.

    All my love to you.