Monday, August 27, 2012

Quiet Moments With God -- Light in the Darkness

Yesterday was Sunday and as on most Sundays I was in church. Much of the sermon was about God's healing hand. He heals hearts, minds and bodies. At the end of the service those who needed prayer were encouraged to go forward so they could be prayed for.

Oh, how I longed for healing.

There was a line so I remained in my seat. With tears in his eyes, my dear son-in-law held out his hand to me. Then he led me up front.

Oh, how I longed for healing.

I'm weary of the prison of my wounded body. While I waited I prayed. A nice gentleman anointed me with oil, laid his hands on me and together we sought God's healing. I knew He could heal me. But yesterday was not the day.

I was disappointed but not disillusioned. God is good all the time. He works in me and through me, even though I am physically weak. But . . .

Oh, how I longed for healing.

I hoped yesterday would be the day. And I admit I'm a little sad today. But God is good all the time and when I turned to my devotions this morning He had a treasure waiting for me. I found this in reference to an imprisoned apostle Paul. What precious messages of light came from the dark shadows of his captivity.

Thank you, Lord, for these precious words. I am reminded once more that there is beauty in suffering. With your hand upon me you have carried me through the years. You continue to work in me and through me. I trust you.

I will continue to seek God's healing touch, but above all I long for His will.

If you are suffering, He knows. Trust Him to bring light into the dark places.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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