Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Be Smarter Than A Chicken

Chickens are stupid creatures, but I still enjoy them. They're generally gentle birds who provide us with fresh eggs and sometimes meat. It's fun to listen to a hen cackle her joy and pride to the world after she's laid an egg.

Spring has arrived here in Oregon, which means it's time to build our flock, time to buy chicks. The tiny fluff balls are really cute, but they seem to have fewer brain cells than their parents. Still, God uses the simple things of this world to teach us and my little brood reminded me of an important lesson.

I've been caring for my chicks in a box in the house, but as they grew so did their stink. And after one precocious little bird flew out of the box and ended up on my carpeted floor I decided it was time to move them all to a coop.

I got the coop ready--fresh shavings on the floor, food and water and a heat lamp. When I put the chicks inside they were jubilant. They had room to run and even fly a little. I was sure all would be well. The next morning I checked on them and they still had plenty to eat and drink and seemed healthy so I went on my way. Late that afternoon I looked in on them again. There was still lots of food and water. In fact, it looked as if they hadn't touched any of it. My feathered friends weren't eating or drinking.

I moved the water and food closer to them and they immediately set upon both eating and drinking as fast as they could. Nourishment and drink had been available and yet they hadn't touched either. All they needed to do was move a couple of feet further and they would have discovered their meal. If I hadn't intervened they would have died. Stupid, I thought and then I realized how many Christians are just like these chicks.

God has placed his Living Word within our reach, yet we refuse to consume His spiritual feast. Our Bibles gather dust, and church on Sunday is just too much trouble, and activities crowd out things like Bible study groups or prayer groups. When we don't eat the spiritual food provided by God we risk dying from spiritual starvation.

Gods says in the book of Hosea, "My people are being destroyed because they don't know me." God has provided everything we need so that we can know Him. His Word is filled with glorious promises and words of encouragment and wisdom. If only we will eat, then we will know how to live.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Excellent analogy, Bonnie. Jesus was gracious to compare us to sheep! (He could have called us chickens. It would have been an apt description.)

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    ahhhhh, so true... Taste and see He is good! Drink the living water so you'll never thirst again! Don't be a stupid chicken! Oh wait, that's not in the Word. Well, it's from Bible of Bonnie!!! Good stuff--good reminder... have a marvelous weekend. lovepatti

  3. Hi Julie. Yes, I'm glad He used a sheep analogy. As much as I like my chickens they just don't seem as soft and sweet as a sheep. :-)

    Blessings to you,


  4. Oh my goodness, Patti -- the Bible of Bonnie. Now, that's a silly notion. But cute.

    Love ya,


  5. Yes there are many people who don't read their Bibles.
    I liked what you said about the chickens...when they grow up we call them chooks.
    Anyhow...our Pastor gave a good illustration also one day. It was of an escallator that stopped midway with people on it. Instead of simply walking off, they stood there.
    Finally they began to yell, "Help, someone help us!"
    Like the chickens, they wanted it done for them.
    Great illustration my friend. I could see, hear and smell them!

  6. Hi Crystal. Yes, I remember when I did my research for The Queensland Chronicles I discovered the name chooks. I like that--maybe I'll use it. :-)

    And the escalator story is an excellent example of what we do . . . if we're not careful.

    So thankful for a merciful God.


  7. I wish I lived closer so I could buy some of your eggs! Yes, great analogy. The abundance of the Lord, right at our fingertips, and we miss it.
    I had that experience once on a physical level when we were given our cargo van. Yes, cargo van, but I was so thankful ... until one sweltering summer day, driving without a/c, growing more frustrated by the moment. I complained to my husband. He said, "The van has a/c." Sure enough! It was such a picture for me of the Lord's provision. He has so much more than all we could ask or imagine!

  8. You are so right, Miriam! Great analogy--God provides so many pictures of His love and grace. They're all around us. We just have to look and listen.

    And I'd love it if you lived close enough to buy eggs. :-)

  9. Hi Bonnie,
    Just read your latest blog on May 24. You are so honest and real and that is what I love in your blog. I will remember you in my prayers, as you are a great inspiration to all the writers who get to attend your classes. I always look forward to seeing you at the OCW Summer Coaching Conference! Hope you are there this year.
    God bless,
    Laura Davis

  10. Laura,

    I just discovered your note.I'm so sorry for not responding. Thank you for writing. And thank you for your prayers. I really need them.

    I wasn't able to attend the OCW Conference this year--missed it terribly, but I enjoyed praying for all the conferees and teachers.

    I hope you made it and had a fabulous time.