Friday, April 16, 2010

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Make Sure To Have Some Fun

I am blessed. I have a job I love. However, like most of you, it's not all fun and games. I spend countless hours alone in front of my computer. I work nights and weekends. And my income -- well let's not even go there.

I do get to create characters. I love that. I dream up plots. I love that. I search for historical tidbits that will make a scene more realistic. I love that too. And I meet the most interesting people. I absolutely love that.

My biggest struggle is my physcial condition. I live with chronic pain. And some of what I do as a writer makes it worse. Travel, though it is something I love, is one of those challenges. It's hard on my body, and sometimes it's hard to fight through the pain. In fact, on my last resarch trip my back went out while I was touring a really nice museum in Yakima. That was definitely not fun.

While in Yakima I took my smarting bones to a meeting I'd scheduled prior to my visit. Mark and Cheryl Barrett (pictured above) were my gracious hosts. What a delight it was to visit with them. Although my body was complaining the rest of me was having fun. The Barrets are one of those treasures writers look for. Their family has been growing fruit in the Yakima Valley for generations. The Barretts know all there is to know about fruit growing and life in the valley.

We sat outdoors on a patio in front of their gift shop, sipping apple pop (I didn't know there was such a thing, but it's very good) and chatting. The gift shop is located on their fruit farm so I had a good view of the rows and rows of fruit trees. The store is chock full of goodies and interesting gift items. I highly recommend it to visitors.

It was one of those perfect spring days, warm and sunny with just a light breeze. We talked about farming, life in the valley and local history. Although I was in pain and technically working, I was having fun. I suppose I could have set my mind on the pain and all the work that waited for me here at home but if I'd done that I would have missed out on the fun.

It turned out to be a super day. I met a couple of very nice people and gathered in information that will make the scenes in the book I'm working on come to life. I'm so glad I made the trip.

God has all kinds of surprises waiting for us. There is wonder in day to day living. We've just got to open our eyes and our hearts so we can see it.

Grace and peace to you from God.


You can find Barrett Orchards at


  1. Bonnie
    It was wonderful to meet you. I also enjoyed our visit, You are welcome anytime.
    And thank you again for the books.
    I have loaned them to my mother and mother-in-law to read first. I told them about our visit and they wanted the books ASAP. :) I will get to read them when my life slows down. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Cheryl. We plan a visit to Yakima sometime this year. We'll make sure to come by the store and say howdy.

    Hope you enjoy the books, but I figure you'll be real busy between now and the end of October. This is your busy season. Pray it's a good one.

    Enjoy every day.


  3. It sounds like a lovely visit. And a lovely reminder too. It's stopped raining and my husband's just got back from a chess tournament, so we'll go visit a friend tonight and have some fun.

  4. Aren't some people very special. In Oz we call Apple pop, Apple cidar, its delicious.I also miss the rocking chairs and couldn't believe seeing them for use at some airports..
    Do you listen to soft music while writing? It's suppose to diminsh 20% of pain so it's a little help.
    Your books bless so many others, I wish that could get rid of the other 80% for you.
    I will believe for you for healing.....God loves your faithfulness.

  5. Sheila, the time I spent is tucked away in my memories. I'll relive it again and again.

    And so glad to hear you're going to have some fun with friends tonight. Yay!



  6. Hi Crystal.

    I don't think this apple pop was apple cider, anyway the American apple cider. It was different, but delicious.

    And thanks the reminder about soft music. I love it and know it make me feel better in every way.

    I get Sirius radio on the television in my familly room next to my office. I'll make sure to turn it on while I work. They have some stations that play soothing music.

    And thanks for believing. I continue to pray for healing, and daily place my life in His hands.



    Bless you,


  7. Hi Bonnie!
    Your post is such good timing for me. I deal with anxiety/fears and, especially now when I'm embarking on a new journey, I'm constantly reminding myself to not allow my fears to scare me out of living my life. There may be pain, both physical and mental, but the rewards, as your experience shows, are worth the risk.

  8. Hi Kristen.

    Thank you so much for writing and being transparent. I think so many of us believe that everyone else has "it all together" and we don't. So, we're afraid to speak up, to share our heartaches and our fears. We all have them. But we have joys too. Sometimes we lose sight of them in the midst of our troubles.

    I'll be praying for you and hope you'll be praying for me.



  9. Absolutely! And thank you for your prayers, Bonnie!